Expat Explore: Connecting the World Through Unforgettable TravelExperiences

Expat Explore: Connecting the World Through Unforgettable TravelExperiences

Expat Explore’s story began in an era when young professionals, referred to as “expats,” hailing from diverse corners of the world sought the quintessential working holiday experience in London. Among them were Carl Cronje and Jakes Maritz, the visionary founders of Expat Explore. These two avid travellers had an insatiable desire to explore and experience more of Europe. Not only did they want to explore themselves, but they wanted to show their peers that travel was within their reach. It was from this determination to make travel affordable and accessible to all that Expat Explore came to life.

20 Years later, Expat Explore has solidified its position as a global leader in group travel, uniting people from across the world in unforgettable journeys to 50 countries across the world. Expat Explore has championed the belief that travel should not be exclusively available to the wealthy and, above all else, travel should unite people in meaningful ways.

With a firm commitment to making travel possible, Expat Explore has become renowned as Europe’s most value-packed group tour operator thanks to its expert team of travel professionals hailing from all corners of the globe. The Expat Explore family extends beyond the internal operations and to the many passengers who have embraced and joined this unconventional family of adventure-lovers.

On a typical Expat Explore journey, up to 50 passengers from diverse nations such as the Philippines, America, Australia, Canada, South Africa, the United Kingdom and beyond come together as strangers but end as a tightly knit touring family. This worldwide community of over 50,000 travellers represents more than 200 countries. Many travellers become return passengers, eagerly recounting the numerous Expat Explore tours they’ve enjoyed.

Expat Explore’s unique blend of bucket-list destinations, culturally rich experiences, and informative tours led by passionate tour leaders and local guides ensure that each journey is an enriching and memorable experience. It is this dedication to bringing people together, transcending borders and creating lasting connections that continues to make Expat Explore the preferred tour operator for thousands of travellers around the world.

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