St Helena Tourism Board

St Helena Tourism Board

At just 47sq. miles and with a population of just 4,439 (2021 Census), St Helena’s subtropical paradise sits more than 1,000 miles from the nearest continent, alone in the expanse of the sparkling blue Atlantic Ocean. For such a tiny island, the diversity of attractions is astounding.

A globally important environment and biodiversity, the world’s oldest living land animal, world-renowned hiking and diving melting-pot culture and cuisine, a wealth of history and heritage.

St Helena is an adventure like no other. It’s a place where on Sundays, British roast dinner is paired with St Helena curry. Where cell phones were only introduced in 2015 and an airport in 2017. Hike through Jurassic-like Forest, picnic in rolling pastureland, and take a dip alongside ‘gentle giant’ whale sharks in the sparkling blue Atlantic – all in one day.

– NEWS –

Flights to one of the world’s remotest islands, St Helena, double from November 2023

Johannesburg based airline, Airlink, is doubling its scheduled flight service between South Africa and St Helena – one of the remotest islands in the world – to a twice-weekly flight.

The regular twice weekly flights to St Helena will not only deliver more capacity for passengers to travel to the island, but also provide greater options and certainty to visitors, tour operators, and the local private sector. Most notably, the increases to both passenger capacity and flight frequency mean that prospective travellers have more certainty that seats will be available at their preferred times of travel, whilst offering them more flexibility around travel dates and lengths of stays.

Matt Joshua, Head of St Helena Tourism said: “We are delighted that twice weekly flights will resume to the island, offering more choice and flexibility for visitors to the island.

“St Helena offers the perfect getaway for travellers looking to escape the crowds and we look forward to meeting the demand from travellers wanting to experience one of the UK’s oldest overseas territories and most remote inhabited islands on the planet.”

The island is a haven for walkers with over 20 nature trails designed by the St Helena Nature Conservation Group showcasing some of the most scenic and untouched areas of the island. For history enthusiasts, the island is soaked in a rich history, allowing travellers to get an insight into its role in fighting the slave trade, acting as a Boer Prisoner of War site, and holding key sites associated with Napoleon, including his tomb. For divers visiting the island, there are eight shipwrecks around St Helena to visit, many of which are scattered with articles of marine archaeological interest such as cannons and anchors. Visitors who arrive between June and December can glimpse Humpback Whales with their calves.

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