Quinta do Lago Unveils Casa Velha’s Brand New Look & Menu – Showcasing A Fresh & Authentic Culinary Experience in the Heart of the Algarve

Quinta do Lago Unveils Casa Velha’s Brand New Look & Menu – Showcasing A Fresh & Authentic Culinary Experience in the Heart of the Algarve

Quinta do Lago, situated in the heart of the Algarve, Portugal, is excited to announce the reopening of the resort’s very first restaurant, Casa Velha perched on a hilltop overlooking the resort. With a fresh new look and innovative menu, Casa Velha carries its passion to deliver an extraordinary gastronomic experience with a brand new style of cuisine that nods to traditional Portuguese food and dining. Casa Velha, also known as ‘The Old House’, is situated where the resort’s founder, Andre Jordan, first designed Quinta do Lago over 50 years ago in what was just a restored farmhouse. The farmhouse was then crowned Casa Velha and reopens with a laid-back feel that is designed to make guests feel at home, enjoying a cherished meal with their friends and family. The new menu now incorporates traditional Portuguese flavours, with a sharing menu with a contemporary twist and local delicacies – and is to be enjoyed in an alfresco setting, on a crisp white terrace surrounded by lemon trees and fine wine.

Casa Velha

Sean Moriarty, CEO of Quinta do Lago, comments: “Casa Velha is located on a large outdoor terrace surrounded by a blossoming orchard – it is incredibly peaceful and also a poignant part of Quinta do Lago’s history. This restaurant is a tribute to the origins of the resort’s culinary journey. We take immense pride in presenting a relaxed Portuguese dining experience in one of the most breathtaking corners of the resort. It is also important to us to continue to renovate and upgrade our offerings to meet our guests’ demands – we’ve invested a huge amount in our culinary scene in recent years including the renovations of Casa do Lago, Gigi’s Bar and our Clubhouse. Now, with the latest transformation of Casa Velha and the addition of our new restaurant, UMAMI, we are thrilled to extend our enhanced dining experiences to all our guests.”

Quinta do Lago has made vast eco-improvements, one of which is the resort’s own Q Farm, an initiative aimed at delivering the highest quality and organic produce to each plate. Through close collaboration between the resort’s talented head chefs and skilled farmers from the Q Farm, Quinta do Lago has successfully reduced its overall eco-footprint. Embracing the soul of the Algarve, the sustainable ethos of the resort now seamlessly intertwines with the guests’ culinary experiences. The farm-to-table concept at Quinta do Lago serves as a testament to their commitment to preserving the environment while providing an unforgettable dining experience for every guest.

New Menu

Quinta do Lago continues to honour the region’s rich gastronomic heritage with the launch of a specially crafted menu. The recipes are thoughtfully designed to reflect the essence of the region’s land, garden, and sea. For example, the À Lagareiro dish features freshly caught octopus seasoned with garlic & onion while the Beef Pica Pau combines locally-sourced Beef Fillet cooked to order, enhanced with flavours of white wine, and chives, offering a full-bodied Portuguese experience. For those seeking vegetarian options, the Fava Bean Fricassée is a delightful choice. This dish highlights the goodness of homegrown produce straight from Q Farm, further exemplifying Quinta do Lago’s dedication to offering a diverse and sustainable dining experience.

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