Windjammer Landing Villa Beach Resort, St Lucia Launches New Tailor-Made Experiences for Children

Windjammer Landing Villa Beach Resort, St Lucia Launches New Tailor-Made Experiences for Children

Windjammer Landing Villa Beach Resort unveils its latest offering of captivating experiences for children. Nestled in the breathtaking landscape of St. Lucia, the recently renovated luxurious resort is delighted to present an array of engaging activities specially curated for children, making every young guest feel like a true VIP. With a collection of tailor-made experiences for children, Windjammer Landing invites families to embark on a journey of discovery, crafting personalised daily itineraries that promise an unforgettable holiday for everyone.

Windjammer Landing ensures a unique family holiday with a well-planned program, offering relaxation, cultural immersion, and adventure in the Caribbean. Activities include Creole dance, storytelling, and guided nature walks. For older kids, diverse land and sea activities are available, along with evening events. The all-inclusive package ensures worry-free access to resort amenities.

Kids Activities by Day

From sunrise to sunset, children aged 4-12 at the resort engage in a variety of activities. A notable feature is the appearance of Jacquot the Parrot, the endearing mascot of Windjammer Landing, who surprises the little ones during meal times. The activities comprise Kiddie Fruity Mocktail Mixing, guided nature walks, kids’ yoga sessions, Creole dance classes, and thrilling horseback riding adventures. Children have the opportunity to explore St. Lucian culture through arts and crafts sessions, guided by our skilled Kids Club Coordinators. Additional daytime activities encompass beach games, talent shows, pool parties, and Olympic-style events.

Kids Activities by Night

As the sun sets, Windjammer Landing’s VIP Kid’s Program comes alive. Children can create Windjammer Landing puppets and enjoy a puppet show with Jacquot the Parrot. Beachside storytelling sessions and outdoor movie nights with cosy pillows and blankets offer tranquil bedtime options. Other evening activities feature disco glow parties, limbo lessons, and game marathons. Windjammer Landing’s commitment to ensuring children’s comfort extends to in-room experiences as well. With the in-room turn-down service, children receive warm milk and cookies, a special teddy bear as a keepsake, and a goodnight story read by none other than Jacquot himself. The thoughtfully designed rooms include soothing night lights, creating a serene ambience conducive to restful sleep.

The Kids Turn Down Service starts from $50 US per child (cookies and milk, story and tuck-in from Jacquot, night light, and take-home teddy bear). Jacquot Kids Club is closed from 16:30pm – 17:30pm every day.

Kids Culinary Classes

Venturing beyond the exquisite dining options, culinary exploration takes centre stage with the highly anticipated Kiddies Island Chef Cooking Class. Led by the resort’s renowned chefs, this immersive culinary experience is tailor-made for children, introducing them to the art of crafting authentic St. Lucian cuisine. From understanding ingredients to mastering techniques, kids will receive first-hand knowledge in the heart of the resort’s kitchens, igniting their passion for cooking and cultural appreciation.

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