London Travel Week Virtual partners with BCMA Influence and Traverse to create the newest Content Creator Summit

London Travel Week Virtual partners with BCMA Influence and Traverse to create the newest Content Creator Summit

As part of London Travel Week Virtual 2020, a virtual event designed for content creators to learn and network will take place in partnership with the BCMA and Traverse, helping all involved to recover, rebuild and innovate into the future.

The virtual event will take place on Tuesday 3rd November from 2pm GMT and will cost content creators £10 to attend the session. This fee will not only give digital media members access to this event though, they will also be able to sign up for free to the rest of the WTM Virtual event giving them access to over fifty industry leading conferences and seminars.

Digital content creators form a crucial part of the tourism industry with 40% of young travellers consider how “instagrammable” a destination can be, according to AdWeek.

The WTM Portfolio has always focused heavily on this sector of the tourism economy and has provided dedicated content creator events for this audience in the past – starting with the Digital Influencers’ Speed Networking back in 2016.

London Travel Week Virtual will continue to focus on content creators by providing this dedicated event as part of our virtual programme in 2020.

The format of the event will showcase the highest standard of travel content creation alongside informative webinars designed to provide knowledge and insight for those in the community.

The summit will begin with a video showcase of those nominated for the BCMA Influence Awards this year.

All 10 nominees will present their work to the audience before a panel of industry leading judges will decide the award winners.

While the judging process is being undertaken, there will be webinars from leading content creators focusing on different aspects of the industry.

One session will focus on how to make your influencing niche your superpower, providing actionable content that will help to create a more nuanced and cultured world of content creation.

The second session will be curated by Traverse, the leading digital content creator agency, who will be bringing their years of expertise to this event and help all those attending to learn how to recover, rebuild and innovate.

After these sessions, the BCMA Influence judges will return to announce the winner of the awards on offer that day. All of this dedicated content creator programming will come at a cost of £10 per person, giving those that attend a fantastic return on their investment and time.

Simon Press, WTM London’s Senior Exhibition Director says,

“We are really pleased to be providing high-end conference programming for our content creator community as they are such valued members of the WTM audience.

“Content Creators are such a crucial element of the marketing mix now that we hope to really engage with them through this summit, providing them with insightful takeaways to fuel the recovery, rebuilding and innovation of the travel industry.

“We are also very excited to be partnering with BCMA Influence to deliver their virtual awards too and give a platform to some of the best travel influencer content of the past year. This really will be a great event to inspire our industry into 2021.”

To register for this event, please head to the sign-up page and to take a look at the rest of the London Travel Week Virtual programme, head over to the event programme webpage.


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