Gustavo Pinto represented WTM Latin America at Summit Turismo Chile 2018

Gustavo Pinto represented WTM Latin America at Summit Turismo Chile 2018

Organized by the Federación de Empresas de Turismo Chile (FEDETUR), the event brought together professionals from the international travel market

Summit Turismo Chile 2018, an event organized by FEDETUR (Federation of Travel Companies of Chile) took place on September 11 and 12. Gustavo Pinto, the representative of the tourism programme responsible for WTM Latin America, travelled to the neighbouring country to discuss the subject. Dealing with constantly recurring content that is always of great concern in events arranged by the WTM portfolio worldwide, the representative joined big names in the market in a panel that focused on the “Effects of Climate Change on Tourism”.

Also involved in the debate in which Gustavo took part were Carolina Schmid, Chile’s Minister of the Environment, Carlos Méndez, Vice President of the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) and Mikel Ibarra San Martin, Aclima project manager. Rodrigo Herrera, an advisor and consultant from the ERNC was the panel’s chairman.

The presentation began with some of the more technical themes that were presented by Schmid and Méndez, who debated the consequences of global warming. Gustavo emphasized the practical aspect of how each one of us can contribute in the creation of solutions that minimize the environmental impact of tourism. The audience participated and joined the professionals in discussing best practices that can help develop the responsible tourism sector and communities. “The development of responsible tourism is not only related to environmental issues, but refers to social, economic and development issues,” Gustavo reminded the audience.

Luciane Leite, director of WTM Latin America, believes that responsible tourism must be present in all areas of the industry. “As one of the pillars and premises of all our events in the WTM portfolio, responsible tourism contributes to collective awareness and promotes best practices among all those involved in the sector. We’re protagonists in the development of the tourist chain and, as society, we’re responsible for our territory. Being able to spread and contribute to this practice within the industry is of great value to WTM”, Luciane stressed.

Responsible tourism is one of the pillars of the WTM portfolio, so much so that in the WTM London, Arabian Travel Market, WTM Latin America and WTM Africa events there is the WTM Responsible Tourism programme, with interviews, panels, debates and the WTM Responsible Tourism Awards, which are presented at WTM London. Heading up the programme is an emeritus professor and director of the Institute of Place Management at Manchester Metropolitan University, Dr Harold Goodwin, who publicises the practices of responsible tourism and its benefits for the destination and for tourists. Gustavo Pinto is one of the supporters of this activity and has a Master’s degree from Manchester Metropolitan University, where he was supervised and mentored by Professor Goodwin. The relationship between the two bore fruit and Gustavo was elected as the representative for WTM Latin America to discuss the subject on the panel during the Summit.

“It’s impossible to ignore climate change and the impact it has on the tourism industry and the community. The first step is to assume the responsibility that tourism has towards its surroundings and, based on this, adopt attitudes and make oneself available for minimizing this impact. Choices are decisive to this process and oblige the supplier, manufacturer and the whole of the chain to seek alternatives, be more aware and participate in the subject”, concluded the representative.

The theme of the 2nd edition of Summit Turismo was “Building a Tourist Country”, and discussed what motivates tourists today and how to make sustainable and technological tourism offerings available, and the opportunities and challenges that this economic activity brings to the country’s development.

WTM Latin America is scheduled to take place in São Paulo between April 2-4, 2019, at Expo Center Norte.

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