Jam-packed corridors and sessions: WTM Latin America celebrates success on the second day of the event

Jam-packed corridors and sessions: WTM Latin America celebrates success on the second day of the event

First session on today’s (04/04) schedule of WTM Speed ​​Networking produces a total of 109 buyers, 336 exhibitors and an expected 6,048 meetings

 Meetings between buyers and exhibitors are part of the business roundtable of WTM Latin America’s second day in São Paulo. In total, 109 buyers and 336 exhibitors took part in the morning session, with the former group participating in nearly 2,000 meetings, while the latter group and more than 6,000 meetings, respectively. Today’s interactions are in addition to WTM Latin America’s intense program, which got underway yesterday began yesterday (03/04) and continues until tomorrow (05/04).

Along with this, four other Speed ​​Networking sessions were held during the day, in addition to the Corporate Tourism Program. Among other topics, the corporate agenda that was held in the Corporate Travel Area included the training session provided by GBTA’s Academy, conducted by Vinícius Luz, GBTA Brazil’s CEO, based on four modules that presented the main elements of travel management.

At the same time as the Speed ​​Networking sessions, conferences and seminars were held that brought together dozens of people. One such case was the presentation given by Tiago Tomazella, the general coordinator of Digital Marketing for Embratur – the Brazilian Institute of Tourism, which presented one of the day’s major new features: an industry-based marketplace platform that should be in operation with a month. “Among the pool of tools aimed at tourism, this one, which is focused on B2B, attempts to connect in the tourism chain and give sales a further boost,” explained the executive.

One of the most anxiously awaited talks this Wednesday at the Inspire Theatre, was hosted by Nathalia Lacava, Instagram’s Client Solutions Manager, who talked about social network usability to leverage business and increase sales using the resources provided by the tool. According to Nathalia, Instagram is an “inspirational” platform that generates action. “Just for you to have an idea, two out of every five Brazilians have already made some purchase or other inspired by Instagram posts,” stressed the executive.

With a focus on small and medium-sized companies applying technology to tourism, the Travel Tech Theatre’s program also received a lot of attention. One of the first topics was presented by Dolores Piñeiro, Oficina Revenue’s general director. “Revenue Management is selling the right product to the right customer at the right time and at the right price,” she emphasised. At the same location, Gabriella Otto, a partner at GO Consultoria, presented the topic “SmartTravel – how technology is transforming the travel industry”. With a promising not to “be repetitive”, the speaker drew a parallel between technology and the humanisation of work, emphasising the speed at which people are changing their habits, customs and their way of doing things, particularly travelling.

Jam-packed corridors and new features

With jam-packed crowded corridors, WTM Latin America also presented a lot of new destinations and products.

Among the destinations, Ilhabela, which is taking part in the event for the first time, launched its tourism brand, the result of its strategic planning for the year and which is designed to get the city included among Brazil’s main coastal itineraries. This is the “Ilhabela. Natural life” campaign which will require an investment of R$ 400 million in tourist infrastructure over the next few years, particularly in parks and conventions.

Thailand has already disclosed the number of Brazilian visitors in 2017: there was a total of 78 thousand tourists, which represent a 15% growth vis-à-vis 2016.

Meanwhile Brazil’s neighbour Peru, which is represented by Promperú – Commission for the Promotion of Peru for Exports and Tourism, had its participation marked by launches on the adventure, luxury, religious and LGBT tourism fronts, in addition to the campaign “Peru, the World’s Richest Country”, which draws attention to the wealth that the country offers in terms of experiences in these areas.

Among the companies taking part, Schultz, one of the most traditional Brazilian operators, highlighted its SmallGroups and Europamundo projects. The company participates in the WTM Latin American Tour Operators Area, which is also where TravelPlan Internacional is also located, which looks upon the event with great optimism. “WTM is the first event on the Brazilian calendar in São Paulo, which is the driving force behind the domestic market. We expect to keep growing with the event and we are very happy with these two days, “says Marlene de Souza from TravelPlan.

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