WTM Latin America returns to the Leader Meetings agenda

WTM Latin America returns to the Leader Meetings agenda

The board met executives from the corporate programme to discuss innovations and changes for 2020

Luciane Leite, director of WTM Latin America, welcomed executives Eduardo Murad, executive director of ALAGEV (Latin American Association of Events and Corporate Travel Managers), Gervásio Tanabe, executive director of ABRACORP (Brazilian Association of Corporate Travel Agencies) and Marina Mio Shimada, the 2019 management coordinator at TMG (Travel Management Group) to discuss strategies and innovations for corporate tourism.

Those attending the meeting reviewed the performance of entities within WTM Latin America 2019 and discussed the actions and formats that are likely to boost the participation of visitors and corporate groups within the event.

For Luciane, the personal agendas provide a view of who was at the forefront of the action during the event and offers important insights as to how to improve the activities that are aimed at this audience. “In 2019 we held the second edition of the Corporate Tourism Programme in our event and we added a day that focused on MICE. It’s important to have this accurate feedback and attentive listening in order for us to improve the experience, content and quality of the event. The presence of these executives is always very positive, as are their comments”, the director said.

Eduardo Murad stressed the importance of introducing new opportunities and receiving new ideas. “The brainstorming that takes place at these meetings is very rich with regard to the market’s wishes. The exchange of information and perceptions that takes place between professionals allows us to pay more attention to the issues that are in evidence and to create the tools and actions that help spread content about the quality of the event”, he emphasized.

Marina Mio Shimada pointed to the qualification of the public that was present in the 2019 edition and the importance of maintaining and expanding the presence of these professionals at the 8th edition. “WTM Latin America is a valuable opportunity for industry professionals to generate business and network, and the qualification of the corporate public, as well as the actions taken for training and disseminating relevant content, add a lot of value to the activities”, she concluded.

The Corporate Travel Area is a dedicated space within WTM Latin America for corporate travel managers and meeting planners that addresses issues related to the industry and promotes collaborative discussions that are relevant to the segment.

The 8th edition of the event takes place in São Paulo from 31 March to 2 April 2020.

Further information: https://latinamerica.wtm.com/

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