Artificial intelligence is a highlight of the WTM Technology Theatre program

Artificial intelligence is a highlight of the WTM Technology Theatre program

Automation, influence marketing and digital trends are some of the themes to be highlighted in program this year, which includes Google among those confirmed attendance.

Dynamic, inspiring and aligned with the needs of tourism professionals. WTM Latin America takes into account these main premises when formatting the “Technology” program, a theater concentrating lectures, panels and debates related to technology and innovation.

“Artificial intelligence will permeate the content, also will bring content related to the acceleration of digital transformation in tourism. We will innovate by sharing insights on strategies aimed at niche markets,” said Gabriela Otto, member-owner of GO consultancy and curator of the space, adding “the tourism industry is constantly changing, which leads us to constantly adapt the content by monitoring trends and bringing in new professionals to share their visions and experiences.”

Fulfilling its role of providing valuable insights to encourage professionals and companies to differentiate themselves in a highly competitive market, WTM Latin America confirms the participation of Daniel Wilke, Senior Business Executive of Google’s Travel Team. He will take to the floor to share insights promising to boost performance from online to offline. 

Another moment to look forward to is the lecturer by Alexandre Cordeiro, founder of TurisTech and head of Innovation at ViagensPromo, on the possibilities brought by artificial intelligence for personalizing every moment of a trip. “We are doing our part to ensure the industry sees technology as an investment and benefits from the solutions presented in the search for operational efficiency and cost reduction,” says the curator.

In addition to innovative solutions, the space will also highlight the importance of working with data to understand the consumer behavior. For Bianca Pizzolito, head of WTM Latin America, “the Technology Theatre is based on the balance between substance of excellence, the quality of the speakers and the diversity of perspectives on the future of the activity,” she says, adding “we need to offer technological solutions to improve the traveler’s journey and have teams trained to meet their expectations.” To provide valuable information in this regard, the Technology theater will have a panel focused on data management and another will promote a reading of the travel habits, technology consumption and worldview of different generations.

The theater is also committed to promoting diversity and inclusion in its programming, seeking to ensure minorities are represented in the panels and debates. To achieve this goal, speakers have been invited who are women, black, LGBTQIA+, people with disabilities and from different age groups.

The space also has interactive panels with debates to encourage the active participation of the audience and the exchange of experiences between different groups.

The full program of lecturers, panels and debates will soon be available on the WTM Latin America website. The topics will also be available on Connect Me, the meeting scheduling platform, which allows you to plan your itinerary during the three days of the event.

WTM Latin America is held between April 15 and 17 at the Expo Center Norte in São Paulo. Free of charge and mandatory for visitors, regardless of the category of visitor – trade, press, authorities and students, registration is now available on the website, from pages in Portuguese, English or Spanish.

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