Industry Report: Fly-and-flop remains most popular holiday choice for Brits

Industry Report: Fly-and-flop remains most popular holiday choice for Brits

Beach breaks are still the number-one choice of UK holidaymakers, according to the latest Industry Report by World Travel Market London.

A survey of 2,000 Brits who were asked What sort of holiday/s are you interested in booking in the next six months? reveals 52% would choose a beach holiday – far higher than the second most-popular holiday type, the city break, which is an option for one in three people (36%). 

One in seven (14%) want a luxury, five-star holiday; one in eight (12%) choose to cruise, while one in nine of us (11%) are thinking about a lakes and mountains holiday. 

One in 10 (10%) of respondents are interested in an activity holiday; around one in 20 (5%) are planning on taking a solo holiday, while 3% are planning to go skiing. 

More women than men (54% v 50%) say a beach holiday is their number-one choice; with people in Northern Ireland (58%) and Yorkshire (57%) more likely to book this type of holiday. 

Beach holidays are more attractive to younger generations, with 58% of those in the 18-44 age groups opting to be by the beach, compared to 50% of 45s-65s.

WTM Exhibition Director Juliette Losardo said:

“Brits look forward to their annual summer holiday by the beach. And with the stresses and strains of COVID, home-schooling and the cost-of-living crisis, who can blame them for simply wanting to hop on a plane and recharge?” 

Meanwhile, with the growing trend for ‘slow travel’, combined with environmental concerns and high fuel costs, four in 10 (43%) of respondents say they would consider a holiday by rail at some point in the future.

When do we start packing?

The WTM London Industry Report also reveals interesting insights into the bag-packing habits of British holidaymakers.

A third of us (32%) pack a week before we travel, with another 32% packing two days before. 

Almost one in eight (12%) are extremely organised, packing their holiday suitcase a month before travel, with another 12% packing gradually over several days.

In complete contrast, 11% leave their packing until the night before, with 1% of Brits throwing everything into their suitcase on the day of travel. 

More women than men (34% v 31%) get packing the week before travel, while more men than women (35% v 29%) leave it until two days before going on holiday. 

Towels on sun loungers 

Meanwhile more than a third of us say we get up early in the morning and join the clamour to reserve sun beds by the hotel pool. 

When asked: On holiday, do you like to go out early just to put your towel down on a sun lounger of your choice? 37% of Brits said yes, with 63% saying they thought doing so was ‘inconsiderate’.

WTM Exhibition Director Juliette Losardo said:
“The early morning rush by holidaymakers to reserve their sun beds has been going on for decades but social media has brought the issue to the fore, and we’ve all seen the many viral TikTok videos this summer of people queueing for the pool area to be opened so they can be among the first to put their towels down in their favourite spot.”

More men than women (40% v 35%) admit to going out early to put towels on sun loungers and it’s the younger generations that are more likely to do so.

The survey reveals a staggering 71% of 18-24s get up early to reserve their spot, while 50% of 25-34s and 45% of 35s-44s do the same. 

Less than a third (32%) of 45-54s and one in five 55-64s bother getting up to secure their lounger, while only 10% of over 65s do so. 

Londoners are more likely than anyone else to get up early to put towels down with over half (52%) saying they would do so. Only a quarter of people in the East of England (27%) bother getting up to secure their sunbed.

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