The Polish Tourism Organisation 2021/2022 Announcements & Media Stories

The Polish Tourism Organisation 2021/2022  Announcements & Media Stories

Poland is ready to welcome back tourists as the industry begins to recover from the pandemic. From a new site being added to the UNESCO World Heritage List, to a new Director who hopes to harness the power of Poland’s diverse city break offering to kickstart the country’s tourism revival, there are plenty of exciting opportunities ahead. Whether you are looking for rich culture and history or the freedom of outdoor explanation, Poland has it all and is set to be one of Europe’s premier tourism destinations in 2022.


Announcements & Media Stories

Poland to prioritise its city break offering in 2022 road to recovery

The Polish Tourism Organisation will look to harness the pull of its city break offering in the recovery of its tourism industry in 2022, from Krakow and Katowice to Warsaw and Wroclaw. This will involve showcasing the lesser-known cities, such as the gorgeous golden Gdansk on the Baltic coast. In addition to this, the Polish Tourism Organisation plans to work with influencers and TV shows to highlight new sides to well-known destinations and some hidden gems. The tourist board hope that the diversity of their cities, the rich historical and cultural experiences on offer within them, and their ease-of-access from major UK cities thanks to regular flights will help to position Poland as one of Europe’s premier city break destinations in 2022.

NEW Polish site added to the UNESCO World Heritage list

The Ancient and Primeval Beech Forests of the Carpathians are the newest site from Poland to be enshrined in the UNESCO World Heritage Site list. The forest, located in the Bieszczady National Park, was added along with forests in five other European countries. The Polish beech reserves cover a staggering 3,300 hectares and are a protected, untouched haven for wildlife. The Bieszczady National Park itself covers almost 30,000 hectares, making it the third largest national park in Poland. It’s a habitat for brown bears, wolves, lynx and more. This addition takes Poland’s total of UNESCO-protected sites to 17, over 10 more than the world average. Other sites can be found here:

 Polish National Tourist Office Appoints New UK and Ireland Director

The Polish National Tourist Office has appointed its new UK and Ireland Director ahead of a busy year welcoming back travellers to the country after the pandemic. The new appointment comes at an exciting time for Poland with new tactical marketing campaigns continuing to build up Poland’s image as one of Europe’s premier destinations for scenic city breaks. Ms. Wojciechowska’s core strategy will be to promote Poland as the ideal European destination for post-pandemic city breaks, in addition to showcasing the country’s stunning nature. By running tailored online campaigns and placing key tourist attractions in TV shows with large audiences, Ms. Wojciechowska plans to improve Poland’s image among the British travellers who have never been to Poland before.

Polish Tourism Organisation launches four new courses with Online Travel Training

The Polish Tourism Organisation and four partners; City Council of Krakow, Warsaw Tourism Organisation, Poznan Tourism Organisation and LOT Polish Airlines, have launched four new online courses with Online Travel Training. The courses bring Poland directly to British travel agents and are geared towards educating and inspiring, in addition to helping Poland’s travel industry recover from the Covid-19 pandemic. You can find out more about Poland and all four courses on the Polish Tourism Organisation OTT dashboard:

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