WTM Global Hub presents Altiant webinar to unearth treasure trove of exclusive data on luxury market

WTM Global Hub presents Altiant webinar to unearth treasure trove of exclusive data on luxury market

Tune in to hear research specialist Altiant’s wealth of knowledge about premium market and post-COVID travel

The session hosted by WTM Global Hub will share exclusive insight and data from Altiant, the global market research company that specialises in the luxury and prestige sector.

The webinar promises pickings for travel companies that want to find out the latest trends in the luxury market, and a wealth of information on how they can prosper in the post-COVID-19, high-net-worth world.

Unearthing a treasure trove of valuable information will be Chris Wisson, Knowledge Director of Altiant, who will present exclusive primary data from Altiant’s community of validated affluent, high-net-worth individuals, conducted within the past four months.

He will look at some key data points about how global affluent consumers expect their luxury spending to shift over the next few months, specifically relating to travel. 

Using recent data, the webinar will then focus in on the Middle East as a luxury travel destination.

The final element will be a Q&A session with ILTM’s Portfolio Director, Alison Gilmore, about luxury travel in 2020 and beyond.

Chris Wisson, Knowledge Director of Altiant, says: “The session will start by looking at how affluent consumers feel about luxury spending now and post-Covid-19 – with, of course, a focus on travel.

“It will then move on to focus on inbound luxury travel into the Middle East. Both parts will include exclusive and bespoke data carried out for the session.

“The webinar will be of interest to a wide variety of people, primarily but not exclusively related to luxury. Anyone involved in upmarket tourism, especially those in the Middle East, luxury brands, tourism operators and agencies will gain valuable insight from this session.”

With a background that specialises in luxury industry and prestige brands, Altiant’s Knowledge Director Chris Wisson has his finger on the pulse of this vibrant market and is ideally placed to present this exciting session.

“I’m looking forward to discussing some of the trends in the luxury market and assessing how this sector is well-placed to move forward after Covid-19.”

Key Affluent Post-Covid Travel & In-bound Luxury Travel into the Middle East takes place on Tuesday 23 June 2020 at 14:00hrs, BST

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