Why you should visit Puglia

Why you should visit Puglia

Travelling affects quality of life. For beyond your customary trip, Puglia is the most effective cure to rejuvenate, enhance yourself and become aware of the world. Rather than a destination, it’s a therapy, a natural remedy delivering lush emotions to be kept at heart.

Puglia is a land of sun and hospitality, a strip of land in southeastern Italy in a strategic position at the heart of the Mediterranean Sea. Centuries of history and charming landscapes are just some of the reasons why it’s such a unique destination, unveiling truly unforgettable experiences.

Puglia, with its 800 km (500 miles) of coastline, is hugged by two spellbinding seas. The Ionian and the Adriatic have crafted a wide variety of different shores, with steep cliffs overlooking colorful sea bottoms, and golden beaches sloping into crystal clear waters. Inland, the uncontaminated realm of nature comprises great valleys and gentle hills covered with olive groves, vineyards, and luxuriant forests, as well as surprising Mediterranean gravine (ravines).
From the Ancient Greeks to the Romans, from the Byzantines to the Normans, up to the Swabians to the Angevins, many civilizations have followed one another in ruling Puglia. Over the years, numerous archaeological excavations have brought back to light priceless artifacts, works of art and architecture testifying the history and wide-ranging cultures of times past. Neolithic menhirs, churches in grottos, medieval castles, Baroque and Romanesque cathedrals, noble palaces and historical residences, enchanting hamlets and art cities, charming masserie (manor farms) and casali (rural homes).

An extraordinary legacy, including four exceptional UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Castel del Monte, the mysterious fortress of Emperor Frederick II, near Andria; the Trulli in Alberobello, unique dry-stone dwellings; the San Michele Arcangelo Sanctuary in Monte Sant’Angelo, a masterpiece of medieval art, and international pilgrimage destination; the Foresta Umbra Ancient and Primeval Beech Forests, at the heart of Gargano National Park; the Art of dry-stone walling, named World’s intangible heritage in 2018.

Puglia is shrouded in a magical atmosphere, where the past embraces the present, and where ancient religious and popular traditions are cherished. Towns and cities come to life with thousands of lights, colors, sounds, as they commemorate their devotion to patron saints with lively celebrations and festivities. In Puglia, ancient customs are perpetuated through rituals related to harvests and fishing, and the work of master craftsmen.
Authentic Puglia can also be enjoyed at the table. Its food & wine are an explosion of exceptional flavors. The secret is in the ingredients, all genuine and locally grown, yielding superb extra virgin olive oil and exquisite wines. The quality of life in Puglia is excellent and the weather is always mild. Countless events, festivals, and international fairs enliven the region all year round. Moreover, this land is also a perfect film set for directors and famous stars.
From the Gargano and Daunia to Imperial Puglia, from the Terra di Bari (land of Bari), to Magna Graecia, Murge and the gravine (ravines), passing through the Itria Valley and Murgia dei Trulli, all the way down to the Salento: you’ll feel at home everywhere you go. Hospitality comes first and the people of Puglia will always welcome you with a smile.
Holidays in Puglia are getting more and more glamorous, with an increasing number of travelers coming from all over the world thanks to convenient and fast connections. You can easily reach Puglia from any major European capitals, with direct flights to Bari and Brindisi, as well as several train and ferry options.

Puglia is waiting for you. Let this extraordinary land captivate you.

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