Growth with a sustainable mindset in the travel & tourism sector over 46 years

Growth with a sustainable mindset in the travel & tourism sector over 46 years

Al Rais Travel is responsible when planning your trip, looking for accommodation and activities that have sustainability certifications, use renewable energy sources or support local communities. Their packages have the options emitting fewer greenhouse gases, such as trains, buses or electric vehicles. They choose direct flights and economy class, their deploy consultants who educate the travellers on the local customs, traditions and etiquette whilst respecting them. They avoid activities that harm wildlife and nature and encourage tourists to buy local products, use local services, eat at local restaurants and stay in locally-owned accommodation.

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This supports the local economy and preserves cultural heritage. Al Rais Travel strives to educate and also does research before planning the packages to make sure that they are more focused on sustainable tourism development that will not harm the nature.

In order to create a more sustainable and equitable world, we will need to choose responsible travel options, reduce our carbon footprint, respect the local culture and environment, support the local economy and educate ourselves and others. Sustainable tourism is necessary in order to build a better future.

Al Rais Travel provides you with personalised recommendations and advice based on your interests and preferences. These can help you plan the perfect trip based on your budget and interests. They are the essential link between the supplier and buyer, providing their airline partners with over 40 years of experience to successfully promote and sell their products and services in a highly competitive and dynamic market.

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Throughout their journey to reduce the footprint and lean towards their goal of sustainability, Al Rais Travel has established the most seamless digital platform for travel booking that eliminates barriers to travel by building easy-to-navigate digital travel planning and management platforms, and which are their B2C and B2B portals.

Al Rais Travel’s vision is to continue to be known as a preeminent service-oriented travel management company and put people at the heart of what they do. Their commitment is to constantly improve themselves, keeping in line with the changing trends in the industry, not only to continue being one of the leading travel, tourism and cargo sectors in the UAE but also to expand its horizons in the GCC region, providing premier service options and innovative solutions to all customers. gives a more detailed insight into their company.

Al Rais Travel is a local company with an international presence.

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