Airline pilot returns to firefighting during pandemic

Airline pilot returns to firefighting during pandemic

It is clear that while all business sectors have been facing hardship, the past few months have been particularly difficult for the aviation industry. However, despite all the challenges, we have been so proud to see our travel community rising up and helping others where they can, whether that’s transferring their skills or dedicating their time.

A wonderful example of this is airline pilot Hunter Chumbley, from Washington, USA, who returned to his roots as a county firefighter after being furloughed at the beginning of the pandemic. Chumbley plans to work in the fire department for the next six months while we are in the middle of emergency regulations to try and ease the strain, before returning to the skies in November. A brilliant example of someone using their talents to support the community!

In the UK, business development director at the Travel Gallery, Oli Dobbs wanted to give back. Being furloughed, he found that he had a lot more time on his hands and wanted to put it towards something worthwhile. By volunteering with the local council and Age UK, Oli has been helping with food deliveries for vulnerable people and remains on-call should his services be required. Although his day-to-day life has been changed, he’s been happy to devote his time to those who need it and create a positive impact on the community.

Despite the challenges we’re facing, it’s heartening to see people reacting to the situation and supporting others. By doing what we can now, we’ll emerge out the other side in a greater position to rebuild.

Is there someone you know in the travel industry who has been using their downtime to help out more vulnerable people? Get in touch and let us know what you’re up to!

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