British Airways increase efforts to ship PPE to the NHS

British Airways increase efforts to ship PPE to the NHS

British Airways are increasing their efforts to ship crucial PPE equipment to the NHS this month. They have increased their weekly cargo-only flights from Shanghai and Beijing to 21 and these flights will be able to carry up to 770 tonnes of cargo for the NHS. The cargo shipped on these flights includes PPE and ventilators, both things that the NHS urgently needs in the fight to try to treat patients with COVID-19 symptoms.

British Airways are working in partnership with IAG cargo and the UK Government to offer as mush help as possible to NHS hospitals. IAG cargo and airlines within the International Airlines Group have been working closely together to bring medical supplies to Europe during the pandemic.

As well as efforts from British Airways to help supply the NHS with equipment, a passenger plan with the logo ‘Thank You NHS’ has also been used to increase imports of PPE. One of their flights earlier this month brought 10 million pairs of surgical gloves to NHS supplier Crest Medical. There are several more flights scheduled to depart over the next few weeks to continue the efforts to bring PPE equipment to the NHS.

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