Discover the ‘best of two worlds’ in the Mexican Caribbean

Discover the ‘best of two worlds’ in the Mexican Caribbean

The Mexican Caribbean region is looking to meet with major airlines to work together on increasing connectivity from Europe at WTM Virtual.

Alongside this, the Mexican Caribbean’s current campaign, The Best of Two Worlds, is highlighting the essence of the region and what makes it a unique destination.

The campaign seeks to shine a spotlight on what makes the Mexican Caribbean a unique destination worldwide, such as cenotes, Mayan rituals, underground rivers, jungle, gastronomy, different shades of blue, nightlife, magical villages, interaction with wildlife, theme parks and customer service.

Tourism is crucial to the region. For every Mexican peso earned in the state, 50 cents are produced by this industry. What’s more, tourism generates approximately four jobs per hotel room and the Mexican Caribbean has more than 100,000 rooms that represent 450,000 jobs that reliant on this economic activity.

All destinations in the Mexican Caribbean, which include the well-known regions of Cancun, Cozumel, Riviera Maya, Playa del Carmen, reopened to tourism on June 8.

Cancun became the first destination in the Americas to receive World Travel & Tourism Council’s Safe Travels certification. Cozumel has also recently received the stamp.

In accordance with the Mexican Caribbean Clean & Safe Check Certification programme, the region is implementing the highest safety and health protocols across the state to ensure visitors’ safety.

The Mexican government is planning the same tourism budget for the region in 2021 as it allocated for 2019: 736 million pesos.

In 2019, the region received 440,000 UK visitors.

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