CzechTourism at WTM Virtual

CzechTourism at WTM Virtual

CzechTourism’s 2020 WTM Information and News Stories

  • CzechTourism to unveil new ‘Plan Today, Czech in 2021’ message, aiming to stimulate bookings with travel inspiration for the new year. This will involve the creation of a ‘21 for 21’ list of reasons to book a holiday to the Czech Republic in 2021.
  • CzechTourism will announce plans to promote a new ‘workcation’ tourism product, centred around the decreasing need for 9-5 office work and promoting the Czech Republic’s excellent value, fascinating cities, ideal location and tranquil countryside
  • CzechTourism will announce plans to promote its chateaux and castles in 2021, with hundreds scattered across the country in all kinds of shapes and sizes, each with its own story to tell
  • CzechTourism plans to focus promotion on their world-leading spa care in 2021 amid the growing desire amongst travellers for rejuvenating holidays. The Czech Republic will look to make its spa offering an integral part of its post-COVID tourism recovery
  • The newly launched website is the ideal inspiration hub for consumers and trade professionals alike, featuring 20,000 articles in 10 languages

Tour operator and agent opportunities 

  • Focus on an emerging tourism product that will continue to grow in 2021; workcations
  • Promote one of Europe’s best and oldest spa industries, especially relevant in a post-COVID landscape
  • Ongoing promotion of the Czech Republic’s incredible castles and chateaux

Why CzechTourism at WTM Virtual:

  • Learn about how the country is going to position itself at the fore of ‘workcations’
  • Uncover the hundreds of castles and chateaux that are dotted across the Czech Republic, all with a distinct and rich history
  • Familiarise yourself with one of Europe’s leading spa industries
  • Learn about Czech Republic tourism in 2021

Plan Today, Czech In 2021

Amid the ongoing COVID-19 travel restrictions, CzechTourism has announced it is encouraging travellers to ‘Plan Today, Czech In 2021’ by creating a guide to the top 21 things to do in the Czech Republic in 2021. Although the country currently features on the UK government’s quarantine list, CzechTourism hopes to provide some travel inspiration for the new year that will stimulate bookings. From exploring Prague on a shoestring with the ‘Prague Unlocked’ discount scheme to heading off the beaten track to discover the Czech Republic’s EDEN locations (European Destination of Excellence) that include the breathtaking hiking trails of Bohemian Switzerland National Park and the vastly underrated local wines from the vineyards of Moravia. CzechTourism will be sharing the ’21 for 21’ list on in the coming weeks.

The Czech Republic looks to become a ‘workcation’ hub in 2021

As the regular 9-5 office working schedule erodes in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, a new opportunity and desire for ‘workcations’ has emerged, allowing travellers to combine elements of their work and holiday that provides a way around quarantines and offers a much needed break from spending their weeks on bedroom Zoom calls. The Czech Republic is an ideal destination for ‘workcations’, with its Central European location, great value restaurants and bars, vast countryside and tranquil scenery. CzechTourism will look to emphasise its workcation offering in 2021, providing an attractive solution to current travel and holiday problems caused by the virus.

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