Etiquette guide to help keep Iceland a nice land

Etiquette guide to help keep Iceland a nice land

Iceland is at WTM London to speak to partners interested in helping the Nordic country target the ‘enlightened tourist’ – one of the key themes for 2017 for Promote Iceland.

Pushing responsible tourism is key for Iceland as it seeks to protect its beautiful yet fragile environment in the wake of a huge increase in demand from tourists worldwide.

This year, Iceland’s 335,000 population expects to welcome 1.6 million visitors to its glaciers, fjords, lava fields, hot springs and midnight sun – a 29% increase on 2015.  Promote Iceland is aiming to ensure that all tourists are educated on how to travel responsibly.

This has been communicated through marketing campaign The Iceland Academy, an online tool designed to help visitors understand the best of Icelandic culture, etiquette and nature.

The academy aims to encourage informed behaviour from visitors, ensuring a happy and meaningful experience.
Lessons include driving in snowy conditions, how to dress for cold weather and how to ensure the beautiful landscapes stay that way.

In addition to the enlightened tourist, Promote Iceland will update WTM London visitors on developments to its core themes of gastronomy, tradition, adventure and culture.


To improve their Icelandic knowledge, agents and travel professionals can study a new online training programme to receive an Iceland Specialist certification.
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