Wake up and smell the coffee in Honduras

Wake up and smell the coffee in Honduras

Visitors to the Honduras stand can find out about the latest tourist developments and experiences in the destination, including a new coffee route.

Honduras is the largest exporter of coffee in Central America, and its specialty coffees are among some of the most highly rated in the world.

The coffee route allows visitors to explore the extraordinary world of Honduran coffee through experiences lived in the farms and homes of the country’s coffee growers, while learning countless stories along the way.

The tourist board is also keen to promote birdwatching as it has nearly 800 registered birds, of which more than 50 species are categorised as ‘high interest’ to worldwide bird enthusiasts.

The stunning diversity of Honduras flora and fauna is fast making the destination one of the world´s premier bird-watching and ecotourism destinations.

It is estimated that in Honduras there are about 8,000 plant species and 250 reptiles and amphibians. The country’s many forests, beaches, coral reefs and a variety of protected areas make for ideal sightseeing.


Honduras was home to several important Mesoamerican cultures, most notably the Maya. In addition to coffee, it is also known for its rich natural resources, including minerals, tropical fruit, and sugar cane.


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