WTM delivers hotel and tech partnerships for eRevMax

WTM delivers hotel and tech partnerships for eRevMax

eRevMax will be exhibiting at the Travel Tech Show at WTM for the fifth consecutive year, with the hospitality technology specialist focussing its presence this year on its rapidly growing LiveOS platform.

The business has exhibited at every Travel Tech Show at WTM since 2013, the first iteration of the technology-focused show within WTM London.

Founder and CEO Reuel Ghosh explained that “The Travel Tech Show at WTM is a vital date in our diaries as we know that we can meet not only potential customers from the hotel sector, but also other hospitality technology firms and distribution partners that we are interested in forming partnerships with.”

Its LiveOS platform is, Ghosh said, is “the culmination of fifteen years of work” connecting hotels with its own technology products or facilitating the hotel’s connection with third parties.

LiveOS allows hoteliers to access disparate tech systems in one place via a single log-in in what Ghosh called “the gold standard of connectivity.” The platform can also apply a customised rules engine to the incoming data which prioritises the calls to action from each system into a single, data-driven “to do” list.

Calls to action can be allocated to the correction person or team by a central department for bigger chains, or by the GM on the property level.

The product can also be white-labelled, so hotels can use it to run their brand.com distribution strategies.

“So there are two target audiences for us which we know WTM can deliver”, Ghosh said. “Live OS can work at all levels of the industry, global chains, regional operators and individual properties.

“But it also important that we get even more tech partners into the LiveOS mix. We have been around as a connectivity player since 2001 so we have relationships with most of the best known platforms in the market, but the market is changing and there are new technology suppliers who will be exhibiting or visiting who we want to talk to.”

Ghosh said that the team are working on a selection of case studies that will be released at the Travel Tech Show at WTM this year to validate the benefits Live OS can bring to a business by streamlining workflows by creating a single view. eRevMax will also be demonstrating the newest features of the platform.

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