Plantation Relaxation

Plantation Relaxation

Visitors to the Antigua stand can find out about a new wellness sanctuary retreat on the island.

A 400-year-old former sugar plantation, set in the sweeping 26 acres estate of Mercers Creek, the Great House boasts stunning sea views amid swaying palm trees.

It is opening its doors as a new health, fitness and wellness retreat on this magical island, with experienced staff including nutritionists, fitness instructors, masseurs, yoga and meditation experts.

Family owner, Janey Howell, said: “Throughout the centuries the Great House has been a haven and sanctuary for famous and infamous guests.

“Family lore recalls secret visits by the Kennedys, Greta Garbo, HRH the Princess Margaret and Humphrey Bogart amongst others.

“The combination of colonial elegance and privacy amid the beautiful surroundings will work to rid you of the stresses and strains of everyday life and with our Revitalize programme we will help you unwind and recharge your body and mind.”

Stand: CA209


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