Poland Has It All

Poland Has It All

Poland, which is celebrating 100 years of independence in 2019, is preparing for a bumper 2019 year for tourism, positioning itself as a destination with universal appeal.

The country is looking to build on its accessibility from the  UK market when flight availability is year-round, from many different airports, and at a good price.

Foodies are likely to flock to Krakow, which is the 2019 European Capital of Gastronomy Culture.  The cafes and restaurants of Warsaw are gaining an international reputation for quality and variety.

The craft beer scene in Wroclaw, the former EU capital of culture, is appealing and reflects Poland’s claim to fame as one of the world’s oldest beer brewing cultures.

Poland is also home to some of the world’s oldest spa resorts and is looking to connect this with the wellness trend. With eight centuries of tradition, guests can choose from Poland’s 45 health resorts and around 70 healthy towns and villages. 

The natural beauty of Poland should not be overlooked  – white sandy beaches along the Baltic Coast; Sopot, home to the longest wooden pier in Europe: the seaside resort of Jurata. whose views stretch out across the Baltic Sea, or discover Jurata, the popular seaside resort.

It can also offer lakes, mountains, water sports, even a 190-mile desert trail.


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