Access all areas, with new walking tours of iconic global landmarks

Access all areas, with new walking tours of iconic global landmarks

Global sightseeing company Walks is keen to showcase its range of exclusive, VIP tours in Europe and US – including an addition to its London portfolio, which is ideal for history buffs.

Walks has added to its range of over 150 unique tours and cultural experiences in 13 iconic cities across Europe and the US, with a new London tour called, Alone with the Rosetta Stone.

This VIP experience at the British Museum offers a new way to appreciate some of the most important artefacts in the museum’s collection, as they are given special access before it opens to the public.

Guests spend the early morning in an almost eerily still and undisturbed British Museum, including precious time alone with one of its most important treasures – the Rosetta Stone.

One lucky guest of Walks will even get the chance to physically unlock the door to the Rosetta Stone with the museum key – before their expert Walks guide takes them on a journey through time with fascinating facts about the artefacts before them.

The addition of Alone with the Rosetta Stone to the Walks’ portfolio marks an exciting new relationship between the travel company and the museum.

Walks CEO Stephen Oddo said: “We’re delighted to be able to work with the British Museum to develop something truly unique for the London market.

“Not only does this tour show the museum in a rare and beautiful light, it has all the hallmarks of a quintessential Walks tour – it’s elegant, intimate, and a real VIP experience that will undoubtedly be the highlight of anyone’s visit to the British capital.”

As with all Walks tours, the carefully curated journey through the British Museum is led by one of Walks’ hand-picked, experienced guides. The British Museum is the latest in a line of iconic institutions to partner with Walks for special access tours.

Others include the New Amsterdam Theatre in New York, where Walks runs its celebrated Disney on Broadway tour; St. Mark’s Basilica in Venice, where the tour company has secured alone time for guests after its official closing time; and the UK’s Houses of Parliament where guests get a fully guided visit inside Parliament with one of the most knowledgeable and informed guides in London.

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