Time for Taiwan – Virtual Exhibition

Time for Taiwan – Virtual Exhibition

Come Explore This Magical Country Hidden Away in Asia!     


The Time for Taiwan – Virtual Exhibition was created by the Taiwan Visitors Association for the Taiwan Tourism Bureau, MOTC. Travelers from around the world are invited to take this new virtual tour of Taiwan. It’s our way of telling the world: Taiwan is ready and waiting for everyone to visit!  

With Time for Taiwan – Virtual Exhibition, the Taiwan Tourism Bureau aims to use digital technology to break through the pandemic’s restrictions in terms of both time and space. The Exhibition brings together varied and fascinating information on travel attractions and itineraries for each part of Taiwan, as well as themed information on topics such as dining, accommodations, attractions, shopping, and transportation. It provides travel and tour operators around the world with a fast, convenient, and complete Taiwan travel information platform. Our goal is for Time for Taiwan – Virtual Exhibition to provide tourism-related operators and others in the industry who’ve been blocked by the pandemic from participating in overseas travel exhibitions an opportunity to promote Taiwan! 


We are waiting for you! Taiwan is waiting for you! 

The Time for Taiwan – Virtual Exhibition: www.timefortaiwan.com.tw. 


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