Mahé Island, Seychelles -Opening 1st February 2023

Mahé Island, Seychelles -Opening 1st February 2023

Located in the heart of Anse Royale district, the newly built boutique resort joins the dynamic portfolio of independent Tribute Portfolio Hotels around the world in which each stay is a stay with character.  

 Translated from the native Creole, meaning “Here it is”, laïla celebrates the diversity of the islands and their visitors and encourages guests to open their hearts to the island spirit: a calm, present, and vibrant way of life. This is a place for those who seek adventures and deep connections, with nature, people and themselves. 

The Resort features 84 well-appointed rooms and suites, designed in soothing earth and blue tones, natural woods and island-inspired shapes. A central pool defines the heart of the hotel – where guests can relax, dine and make new friends after a full day at the beach or exploring one of the islands’ hidden trails.  

 laïla’s gastronomic spaces are equally considerate. They push the day forward, transitioning from fresh curried octopus at noon to local rum cocktails at moonrise. In addition to the main all-day restaurant and effortlessly elegant pool bar in the central building, the hotel has its own deli and an existing Italian-Creole beachfront outlet – the ideal spot to welcome the warm Seychellois night. 

 Through a wide range of activities and events, laïla will encourage all its guests to live like a true Seychellois. From catching their own fish for dinner to tasting the island’s beer or visiting the local craft market and recounting old legends under the moonlight. The goal is for each guest to discover their own explorer spirit, at their own unique pace. Find out what really makes this place paradise via our holding page or email 


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