China National Tourist Office London Representing China at WTM: Looking Back on the Past, Looking Towards to the Future

China National Tourist Office London Representing China at WTM: Looking Back on the Past, Looking Towards to the Future

As CNTO London returns to the physical World Travel Market show for the first time since November 2019, we would like to take this opportunity to reflect on the activities and events of these last three years, before taking a look to what the future holds.

The atmosphere at the 2019 WTM edition was vibrant and joyous, our iconic bullet train-style pavilion bustling with representatives of many of China’s tourism areas, and visitors from across the global travel industry keen to find out more. The overall theme of ‘China Beyond Your Imagination’ was introduced, providing detail of some of the country’s less-well-known provinces and regions, and vividly bringing their rich, diverse cultures to life.

As the nature of worldwide travel altered dramatically in the following months, we at CNTO London endeavoured to continue the sharing of China’s cultural treasures, and to bring the magic of China to people in their own homes. Across our social media channels, we published fascinating content, from behind-the-scenes documentaries on the Beijing Opera, to explorations of cities in myriad provinces, and much more besides.

At the online WTM 2020 exhibition, we hosted a virtual pavilion under the theme ‘Wider China’, presenting a programme of content which shone a spotlight on China’s incredible array of intangible cultural heritage examples, and exploring the role of tourism in alleviating poverty.

Our participation in the 2021 WTM edition was once again a virtual affair, with our primary focus being on the topic of poverty alleviation through tourism, and the work we have undertaken in conjunction with the World Tourism Alliance (WTA). A total of 50 case studies were presented, all demonstrating palpable results which clearly underpinned the WTA’s key message of ‘Better Tourism, Better Life, Better World’.

At China National Tourist Office London, we aspire to encourage cultural exchange and mutual understanding between East and West. We delight in sharing the rich tapestry of Chinese culture, inviting our audience to delve into China’s absorbing, fascinating, and diverse history.

In the past 12 months, we have been fortunate to endorse events and campaigns that offer a unique, curated glimpse into enchanting Chinese culture. Our organisation takes great pleasure in hosting and supporting a varied range of celebrations such as captivating talks with leading sinologists, enjoyable events, themed special campaigns, and Chinese cuisine cooking competitions!

In September, China and a host of other regions celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival. Admiring the moon is an experience enjoyed worldwide. Mid-Autumn highlights mutual human connection. The official motto of the festival is “Home, Hope, Harmony, and Health”. During this year’s celebration, CNTO London and our esteemed partners shared a varied programme of digital content. Miscellaneous traditions of the festival were explored via folklore, gourmet food, tours, concerts, exhibitions, and short films.

The most widely known Chinese festival is, of course, Spring Festival, also known as Chinese New Year! Millions of citizens worldwide gather to celebrate. During this year’s festivities, CNTO London explored the deep culture and history of this much-treasured tradition. 2022 is the Year of the Tiger, an animal known for its great courage and resilience; in the past few years we have all had to demonstrate our inner tiger. Togetherness and community have kept us all going, and we are so happy to have been able to support magnificent online and offline occasions, work closely with our treasured partners, and engage in the harmonious spirit of Spring Festival.

The third campaign we would like to share with you is the marvellous “China Weeks: When Culture and Tourism Blend, Belt and Road, Cultures Link“. This motto articulates our ideals and hopes for ongoing cultural conversation and exchange. The festival explored how culture and tourism combine and intersect to enrich the human experience and strengthen ties between people. China Weeks 2022 featured arts, music, cuisine, festivals, sport, and beyond!

At CNTO London, we find great satisfaction in celebrating all dimensions of Chinese culture and studying the differences and similarities that make cultural engagement and the pursuit of travel so rewarding. Join us as we approach studying the Chinese continent from an authentic, extensive, and unparalleled perspective, and stay tuned to our social media channels as we share this rich and diverse cultural content.


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