Business Process Assessment: How Lemax Resolves The Most Common Travel Tech Issues

Business Process Assessment: How Lemax Resolves The Most Common Travel Tech Issues

Digital transformation has impacted every segment of the travel industry. Many travel companies have recognized the importance of this trend and adopted various types of technology to help them handle everyday tasks. Unfortunately, more often than not, these have not resolved the core challenges the companies were facing. There are many reasons for that.

Some companies still use old legacy systems based on outdated technologies. While they do fulfill daily business needs to a degree, they leave no room for future-proof improvements. They can’t be migrated to the cloud, and AI technologies can’t be integrated into them.

Many are struggling with multiple tools that are not mutually connected. Each tool may serve its purpose for a specific task at hand, but it does not necessarily benefit the overall picture. Having a single platform for all the parts of the process is crucial for every travel company.

Being unable to find a better option, many travel companies have settled on a horizontal SaaS solution and adapted their business to the software, instead of the other way around.

In some cases, travel companies experienced a failed travel software implementation and are thus hesitant to embark on the digital transformation journey.

To make sure to find the best possible solution that meets all our client’s requirements, Lemax introduced the Business Process Assessment as a crucial part of the sales process. The Assessment phase covers all critical areas thoroughly to ensure Lemax has all the relevant information. That way, our team can suggest the best possible approach for the client.

Here are some of the benefits for our clients:

  • In-depth assessment of the travel company’s business processes.
  • Providing the software solution based on all the inputs and the market’s best practices.
  • A better understanding of the project’s cost due to a deep understanding of the client’s processes and requirements.
  • Reduced risk of software implementation failure thanks to clearly defined requirements.
  • Seamless change in everyday operations executed in phases and faster time-to-market.

Finding and implementing a travel software solution sets the base for fundamental ways a travel company will conduct its business in the future, and a Business Process Assessment is an essential step in this process. That way, all the most common travel tech issues can be resolved at the very start. To find out more, visit Lemax page.

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