Museo Diffuso dei 5 Sensi

Museo Diffuso dei 5 Sensi

Participation of the Museo Diffuso dei 5 Sensi, the Municipal Administration of Sciacca, and the Companies Cooperative La Madre Terra, Cantine De Gregorio, and Consorzio Corallo Sciacca at the World Travel Market in London, one of the world’s most important travel and tourism events, taking place from November 6 to 8, 2023

The Museo Diffuso dei 5 Sensi, with the patronage of the Municipality of Sciacca, will
participate as an exhibitor for the first time at the World Travel Market, which will be held
from November 6 to 8, 2023, at ExCeL in London. This is one of the three most important
events in the world for the tourism sector, where nations showcase the beauty of their

The Museo Diffuso dei 5 Sensi of Sciacca Embarks on a Passionate Journey to the
World Travel Market in London – Voices of Participants

Supporting this important international promotion initiative for the city will be four
enterprises: the Community Social Cooperative that manages the Museo Diffuso dei 5 Sensi,
Cantine De Gregorio, La Madre Terra Cooperative, and Consorzio Corallo. Two key actors in
the hospitality and sea narrative, Circolo Nautico Il Corallo and the Marevivo Natural Oasis
in Eraclea Minoa, have joined them. These two special infopoints are integral to this
extensive museum, narrating the infinite identities of Sciacca’s territory. They all have
decided to cooperate in promoting the city’s tourism and will be present at one of the world’s
most significant travel events with their own stand. Their goal is to narrate the local culture,
identity, and the unique experiences that the Sciacca community has developed over the years
to provide authentic travel experiences for temporary visitors.

“We will be there with the faces and dreams of those who work tirelessly every day to
transform the tourist offerings of our region, which the world is increasingly seeking,” says
Viviana Rizzuto, President of the Museo Diffuso dei 5 Sensi. “Our hospitality is different,
perhaps not yet perfect, but imbued with the everyday dimension that is truly exciting for
those coming from afar.”

“Six thousand years of experience make wine production on our lands one of the oldest on
the planet. Wine and hospitality, businesses open to experiential tourism that thrives on
tradition and expertise, passion and modernity. Special people and flavors; this is what
Sciacca brings to London to share with the world,” comments entrepreneur Ascanio De

“Our art in coral craftsmanship is as unique as the fossil (and sustainable) coral we work
with, born of the legendary Isola Ferdinandea. This is what we bring to London, the beauty
and charm of a precious material that still captivates people. And the opportunity to come and
explore it with us,” explains Sabrina Dulcimascolo, President of Consorzio Corallo.

“We are going to London to showcase a community that combines efforts every day to
produce the best of itself, just like the olive oil we produce, born from the work of all and the
sharing of unique flavors, colors, and scents,” concludes Roberto Butera, President of
Cooperative Madre Terra.

Public and Private Together for a Sensory Journey to Sciacca

The Museo Diffuso dei 5 Sensi of Sciacca proudly debuts as an exhibitor at WTM to share
the unique essence of our region and the authentic travel experiences that the community has
created over the years. During the event, the Museo Diffuso will have its dedicated space to
tell the story of Sciacca, its authenticity, and the countless offerings available to travelers
seeking genuine experiences. This presence and promotion are in collaboration with the
municipal administration, as Mayor Fabio Termine comments, “Sciacca is on the rise, with
the aim of approaching higher-level tourism destinations over time. Our community is
capable of offering this, and that’s what we’re going to showcase in London.”

Empowering Women to Change Travel: Join the Conversation

The Museo Diffuso will also have access to the Empowering Women in Travel meetup, an
event at WTM focused on women in the travel and tourism industry. “Having the opportunity
to share with a global audience of travel industry experts what we have collectively achieved
in our region is a wonderful opportunity that greatly excites us,” says Rizzuto.

In 2022, World Travel Market welcomed and connected over 35,000 professionals from 184
countries. This year, Sciacca and its community will have the great privilege of being part of
it and contributing essential elements to enhance and improve their offerings by learning
from the best.

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