Premier Sports Ticketing Platform for Tourism Industry Launches at WTM London

Premier Sports Ticketing Platform for Tourism Industry Launches at WTM London

–At Last, Verified Ticket Inventory from Major League Teams in Top U.S.
Destinations for Overseas Travelers Available to Travel Professionals On
Demand at Wholesale Rates–

Today at World Travel Market (WTM) London, MyTicketPro launches a trustworthy sports ticketing platform by and for the tourism industry. This groundbreaking solution gives travel professionals access to verified live ticket inventory for North American (NA) sports events thanks to involvement from sports executives and proprietary software connections. Global uniform pricing and instant digital confirmations will beavailable to platform users via

According to the most recent US Travel Association (USTA) data, international interest in
attending a NA sporting event increased over 10 percent in a single year to ~4 out of 10
overseas visitors. Focus groups conducted by USTA’s sports and tourism ambassadors [Global
Tourism, Sports & Entertainment (GTSE)], indicate that despite this increasing consumer
demand, travel professionals continue to face selling barriers.

The primary concern travel professionals shared was lack of digital access to verified tickets at
competitive prices. MyTicketPro’s introduction solves this and additional pain points.

“MyTicketPro represents a new standard in tourism sports ticketing and debuts today built upon a software solution I am proud to have developed and tested in the market over the past fifteen years,” said Jonathan Zuk, Founder and President MyTicketPro and Amadeo Travel Solutions. “Thanks to this foundation, MyTicketPro’s proprietary software connections are already trusted by and familiar to the travel trade, who can quickly and comfortably start selling.”

“I’m immensely proud to launch MyTicketPro for my colleagues across the tourism industry who’ve been wary of selling sports due to past experiences with fraudulent online platforms, illegal brokers and scams. I’m so grateful to introduce trust into the equation thanks to my relationships with executives at world-renowned sports teams,” said Luisa Mendoza, Founder & CEO MyTicketPro and Global Tourism, Sports & Entertainment (GTSE). “MyTicketPro’s unique value is in its ability to automate transactions, increase travel pros’ capacity to sell sports at scale and generate shared economic returns, resulting in increased satisfaction for us all.”

The proprietary software that powers both MyTicketPro and Amadeo is connected to leading Online Travel Agencies (OTA’s) and regional tourism market leaders worldwide. Its robust API meets the tourism industry’s recently established OCTO standard. MyTicketPro complies with all domestic and international data privacy and protection standards and laws, including GDPR.

Partner sports teams at launch hail from top U.S. destinations visited by overseas travelers across all major NA Sports including basketball, baseball, hockey, soccer and beyond.

Currently, NA sports are internationalizing rapidly. Worldwide, new fan bases are emerging due to streaming, foreign investment, games hosted abroad and more. Through MyTicketPro, travel professionals can now reap the economic benefits of effectively selling the NA Sports Market, the value of which PWC estimated would reach a staggering $83.1 Billion USD this year.

Travel professionals attending WTM can visit booth #S4-200 (Visit Florida) to meet with
MyTicketPro’s founders, learn about this emerging market segment and discuss onboarding.

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