Peru Ramps up its Presence at World Travel Market 2023: Showcasing a World of Wonder

Peru Ramps up its Presence at World Travel Market 2023: Showcasing a World of Wonder

Promperu will be hosting 30% more Peruvian Travel Companies at WTM this year, sharing a world of wonder with you…

But first, take a moment and relax with us at the Peru on-site bar, stand 210 & 310, where you’ll be able to sample for yourself, the true taste of Peru. And second, don’t miss out on…

PRESS FAM Trips – PERU 2024: If you would like to be considered for a place on the Peru 2024 Fam trips, please complete an application form and book an appointment to see us at the stand. We look forward to meeting you!

Peru is a paradise of natural beauty, ancient civilizations and cultural treasures. Its diverse ecosystems of the snow-capped Andes, dense Amazon rainforest and golden Pacific coast are on everyone’s travel hotlist.  Follow the Inca trails on foot or by luxury train to sacred Machu Picchu. Trek to the lost city of Choquequirao, hidden deep in the Salkantay Mountains. Catch sight of an Andean condor in the Colca Canyon – one of the world’s deepest. Immerse yourself in the bamboo forests of the Madre de Dios to see the spectacled bear and the jaguar. Delight in Peru’s famed culinary fusion at some of the world’s top restaurants!

Sustainable ecotourism for a brighter future: Take part in Amazon conservation projects in Tambopata National Reserve or help preserve Peru’s historical and cultural legacy by engaging with local communities caring for the Inca trails. These are just two examples of how Peru balances tourism and a fragile environment without sacrificing the magic. Discover the amazing biodiversity of more than 1800 species of birds, over 300 mammals, nearly 500 types of reptiles and amphibians, and many thousands of plant species – some found nowhere else on the planet.

Four million square kilometers of jungle cover some 60% of Peru, equating to three-quarters of the USA in size. With only 6% of the population here, there is more than enough pristine rainforest for you and the diverse wildlife to enjoy.

For the adventurer or nature lover, activity at your own pace: Whether trekking in the Andes over ice-capped volcanoes, rafting on the Urubamba River, surfing the longest left hand break off Peru’s northern coast, cruising on the Amazon to the next nature reserve, sand boarding in Huacachina, exploring the archaeology of UNESCO World Heritage Sites or enjoying La Fiesta de la Candelaria, held on the shores of Lake Titicaca, you are guaranteed an unforgettable experience. The Fiesta brings together visitors from all over the world eager to appreciate indigenous and colonial traditions translated into choreography and dance. And for nature lovers some of the many wonders you may encounter along the way include Andean llamas, alpacas and vicunas, rare turtles, Humboldt penguins and bottlenose dolphins, howler monkeys and spectacled bears.

World class gastronomy with a Peruvian flavor: Find out why Lima has not one but three of the ‘Best Restaurants in the World’. In fact, Virgilio Martinez’s restaurant, Central has been crowned No 1 in the world in 2023! Peru is recognized as one of the world’s finest producers of chocolate, coffee, exotic fruits and drinks and Lima’s most iconic dishes include ceviche and tiradito, as well as Peru’s national cocktail – the pisco sour. With more than five thousand years of history, Peruvian cuisine demonstrates the influences of its many settlers – Spanish, African, Chinese, Japanese and Italian, among others.

Photo Competition 2023

We will also be running a photo competition ‘Peru – a picture speaks a thousand words’ details of which will be announced at WTM.


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