Toscana Promozione Turistica (Tuscany Tourist Board)

Toscana Promozione Turistica (Tuscany Tourist Board)

Tuscany offers the perfect blends of experiences from unique landscapes, cities of art, thousand-year-old history and fantastic food and wine. Travellers visit Tuscany to stroll around the cities of art, cycle in the parks, enjoy the scenic landscapes of the sea and UNSECO sites, savour its local delicacies (chestnuts, olive oil, truffle, cheese and wine) as well as its cultural and historic heritage. Key destinations within Tuscany include – Florence, Pisa, Siena, Lucca, Livorno, Arezzo, Pistoia, Prato, Grosseto and Provincia di Massa e Carrara.


Discovering female travel in Tuscany

“Benvenute” is a ground-breaking project by Visit Tuscany, dedicated to enhancing the travel experiences of women. The goal is to craft a tourist experience tailored to the unique needs and preferences of female travellers. This project taps into Tuscany’s deep-rooted tradition of empathy, sensitivity and hospitality towards women. Going back to the 18th and 19th centuries, Tuscany was a favoured destination for women, especially from Northern Europe, who embarked on the Grand Tour, enchanted by the region’s exceptional hospitality and artistic and scenic wonders. “Benvenute” also shines a light on the talents and professions of Tuscan women, from the world of wine and food to hotels, artistic craftsmanship and culture, all through engaging narratives.

Discovering Tuscany by bike

Tuscany is the first Italian region to create the ‘Atlas of Cycling Routes’, featuring over 200 routes, set to expand to 15,000 km across the region. Travellers can discover routes by difficulty, bike type and location, all meticulously designed by cyclists and guides. Journeys can be tailored with linear or loop routes, cultural or naturalistic experiences and options for families or those with reduced mobility. Tuscany recently received the prestigious Italian Green Road Award for 2023, celebrating the innovation and uniqueness of the Ciclovia Puccini. Tour de France will be taking place in Florence in 2024 for its 111th edition.

Discover Tuscany with Other Eyes: Female and Slow Travel

Tuscany is hosting a press conference on Wednesday 8th November for attendees to learn about lesser-known destinations within the Tuscan region, why you should visit Tuscany during off-peak season and activities in Tuscany aimed at female travellers as well as cycling. During the conference there is a chance to win X1 three-night hotel stay and X2 two-night hotel stay in Tuscany. There will also be Tuscan appetizers and wine after the conference, to allow attendees to become fully immersed in Tuscan food and culture.

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