Nara Welcomes You to the Birthplace of Japanese Cooking

Nara Welcomes You to the Birthplace of Japanese Cooking

Nara is the historic and spiritual heart of Japan. Indeed, it’s where the nation’s first capital city was established in 710 and where Buddhism first flourished in the country.

Close to Kyoto and Osaka and easily accessible by train, the region is a living history book, full of World Heritage sites and distinctive temples and shrines.

Modern-day Nara is still a major centre for culture and the arts in Japan. Quieter, more unspoilt and rural in comparison to its neighbours, Nara offers a relaxed vacation experience and a glimpse of the real Japan.

Furthermore, it is said that Nara is the birthplace of Japanese cuisine, and now the Prefecture is putting its effort into the regional development of gastronomy tourism.

Nara truly is the starting point for Japanese culinary history, providing a rich culinary heritage supported by local ingredients, Japanese traditional culture and unique events. This balance of tourist opportunities means the Prefecture receives about 2.6 million foreign travellers annually.

Combined with this new focus on food tourism, Nara is also looking to establish a sustainable tourism strategy, creating perfect harmony between the region’s tourist demands and its environment. The hope is that this new tourist philosophy will mean that Nara remains a popular destination well into the future.

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