Technology brings history to life in Gibraltar cave attraction

Technology brings history to life in Gibraltar cave attraction

Visitors to a famous cave in Gibraltar can see vivid re-enactments of historic moments and characters when a new experience launches next year.

St Michael’s Cave will take tourists on an “unforgettable journey” through Gibraltar’s history and natural environment, thanks to discreetly positioned projectors that bring stories to life.

Environment Minister John Cortes said: “This initiative will bring an exhilarating tourism product to the Gibraltar Nature Reserve.

“Mapping technology has seen only limited use in Gibraltar such as in the Christmas Festival of Lights on the City hall.

“It is used elsewhere, for example in Disney parks, to great effect. It is high time we had this in Gibraltar.

“Our thrilling history, and our rich natural history, in the unique setting of the cave, are an inimitable combination.”

St Michael’s Cave was long believed to be bottomless, which led the belief that the Rock of Gibraltar was linked to Africa by a passage under the Strait of Gibraltar.

As well as hosting tours for visitors, the cave is used as an auditorium for concerts, ballet and theatrical productions.

Gibraltar Tourist Board will be at WTM London to highlight the new attraction along with other developments and services on ‘The Rock’.

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