Free medical assistance to be offered at hotels

Free medical assistance to be offered at hotels

Medical assistance will be offered to guests at Riu Hotels from this week. ‘Riu protect’ will also include help for those affected by COVID-19 during their stay. It will cover medical attention, surgery, emergency medical transport and hospitalisation. This will be in effect until the end of the year, and will cover up to £26,880 per guest.

This service was developed in partnership with insurance firm Axa and it is hoped that it will encourage people to make bookings and return to travelling in the new future.

Riu Hotels have been greatly impacted by lockdowns and travel bans across the globe. They were forced to close 99 hotels in March due to Coronavirus, but their recovery process has already begun.

Other hotel chains are committing to increased health and safety measures to encourage people to travel once again. The Shangri-La Group introduced additional health and safety procedures globally this month following a pilot scheme at selected hotels. These increased measures are part of their ‘Shangri-La Cares’ commitment and includes: increased frequency of deep cleaning of high-touch surface areas, use of medical grade sanitisers and disinfectants, increased cleaning of air filters and air-con systems, safe dining and meetings to ensure social distancing.

Shangri-La chief executive Lim Beng Chee said: “To meet new challenges and evolving customer expectations, we are focusing on enhanced hygiene protocols, elevating our standards and safeguarding our guests and colleagues’ well-being.

“We would like to convey our heartfelt care by creating a safe environment where everyone feels comfortable and trusts in our ability to ensure their safety and health – so that they can focus on moments that truly matter.”

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