Health and wellbeing events go virtual

Health and wellbeing events go virtual

Several events went online for Mental Health and Wellbeing week to provide much needed respite and support. As the continuing stress of COVID-19 effects daily life, it was great to see these initiatives come from all corners of the globe. 

Time for a virtual retreat 

As one of the most affected sectors, those in the travel trade deserve some much needed rest and relaxation. The Tourism Board of Malta therefore partnered with wellbeing social enterprise Talent Courtyard to provide Virtual Retreats. 

These consisted of “the sights and sounds of Malta, while combining relaxation techniques with positive thinking and creative expression”. Talent Courtyard founder Andrea Meszaros continued: “During these challenging times, we’ve seen an increase in travel industry professionals looking to improve their wellbeing and mental health, staying connected and continue dreaming about experiences until we’re able to travel again.” Something we’re all very much looking forward to! 

A flower show in your lounge 

The internationally renowned Chelsea Flower show was also set to take place last week. The seven day event usually invites gardening enthusiasts from around the world to marvel at amazing gardens and share tips. Instead, they moved the whole event online, with a special message from Prince Charles to accompany the new digital version. 

Prince Charles said: “In recent weeks the coronavirus lockdown has highlighted the critical role plants play in our own health and wellbeing and quite a few of us will have had the opportunity to reconnect with nature at home.” For all those with a green thumb, there’s plenty of resources available on the Chelsea Flower Show website

Missing festival season? 

As the weather starts to heat up in the Northern Hemisphere, many are probably longing for festival season. Of course, most live music events have already been cancelled, including Glastonbury.  

To try and combat this, the Norfolk and Waveney Mind charity centre created an online festival that took place over a whole week. The virtual festival featured several zones, including a main stage, a family area, and an SOS tent for those needing to talk. 

It may not be able to recreate the full experience, but it’s exciting to see new alternatives springing up to take the place of cancelled events. When in-person events start again, we hope some of these virtual versions continue for those who can’t attend. 

Photo by Sage Friedman on Unsplash

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