London Travel Week Presents its Umbrella of Events

London Travel Week Presents its Umbrella of Events

As part of the development of the event this year, London Travel Week will provide new offerings to attendees to help them maximise their time in the UK in a safe and secure environment

Taking place from 30th October to the 5th November 2020, London Travel Week will be returning to play a pivotal role in the recovery of the global travel and tourism industry and presents its umbrella of events:

  • Knowledge and Insight Sessions
  • Tailored Networking Sessions
  • Bespoke Sponsorship Events
  • Conferences and Seminars

London Travel Week and its partners will be following every health and safety guideline laid out by the UK Government and ensuring the highest standards are followed to make sure all attendees have an exceptional and safe experience this year.

Knowledge and Insight Sessions

The new Knowledge and Insight Sessions at London Travel Week will be a crucial part of the event offering in 2020. These educatory sessions will be designed to give attendees increased knowledge on specific aspects of the travel and tourism industry, fuelling creative development and giving attendees the tools to take back home to recover, rebuild and innovate their businesses. Amongst the programme for this year will be a marketing forum, designed by the elite business community and events company The Five Percent. It will create highly actionable content for entrepreneurs to up level their marketing, sales, leadership, and financial skills in the travel and tourism community. Furthermore, a dedicated afternoon of content specifically designed for the travel content creator industry will take place so that the influencer community can once again interact with one another and learn the best practices to take into 2021.

Tailored Networking Events

London Travel Week will also feature a series of tailored networking events, organised for businesses and tourist boards so they can display their work and meet the people that matter to them. The aim of each session will be to display what makes destinations, businesses or organisations unique and will allow the London Travel Week audience to hold those informal meetings that are such a crucial part of why taking part in WTM London is so beneficial to those in the global travel and tourism industry.

Bespoke Sponsorship Events

Providing our sponsors with bespoke and unique event opportunities has always been a central pillar of London Travel Week and 2020 will be no different. With our event management partners, we will deliver a curated and memorable experience for leading sponsors.  These events will provide a unique opportunity for clients to build and strengthen their relationships with partners and stakeholders in some of London’s premier locations. With over 30 diverse locations to choose, from small and intimate networking spaces to larger, state-of-the-art conference centres, we have the location for your event.

Conferences and Seminars

Working in conjunction with WTM London, the event where Ideas Arrive, London Travel Week will list and advertise some of the major conferences and seminars taking part around the event. Every year, London attracts the leading lights of global travel and tourism to come together and discuss the future of industry and London Travel Week will support this.

This year’s event will feature a plethora of fascinating talks delving into investment in tourism, responsible tourism, aviation, travel technology and much more with much of this content taking place on our virtual platform to allow our global audience to learn the best ways to recover, rebuild and innovate into 2021.

For more information or to enquire about hosting your own events, visit the London Travel Week website here.

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