Parkdean Resorts launch campaign to boost UK Staycations

Parkdean Resorts launch campaign to boost UK Staycations

Summer vacations may have been put on pause this year, but Parkdean Resorts are keen to encourage people to fall back in love with what the UK can offer as a staycation destination. Their newly launched Sandtone campaign ranks every UK beach by its Pantone colour.

Sandtones brightest beaches campaign

After gathering a sample of sand from every beach over the past year, they created colour swatches and ranked them based on the brightness of each beach’s sand. Brits can then book themselves a staycation based on the colour tones of their preferred beach.

Fans of the campaign can also use an Instagram filter to find out which beach destination they should head to next and buy pots of paint in some of the most popular Sandtones.

Parkdean Resorts Twitter staycation campaign

Parkdean Resorts campaign Twitter reaction

It is hoped that this campaign will encourage people to book themselves a staycation during the summer months and fall back in love with UK holidays.

It’s estimated that staycations could boost the UK economy by £8 billion this year, and this will help businesses local to popular holiday destinations stay open during the pandemic. The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, said: “I think this is a great, great year for people to have a staycation.

“This country is uniquely blessed with fantastic places to holiday, whether coastal or otherwise.”

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