Getting a Taste for Food Tourism at WTM London

Getting a Taste for Food Tourism at WTM London

Attendees at this year’s WTM London – the event where ideas arrive – will hear food tourism experts explain how destinations around the globe can benefit from the current interest in culinary travel experiences.

A global survey of 50,000 travellers from found that more than six in ten choose a destination for its great food or drink and that more than a third plan to take a dedicated food tourism trip sometime in 2018.

Erik Wolf, founder of The World Food Travel Association, is moderating three sessions covering many aspects of a diverse and evolving sector.

Food Tourism 2025: What You Need to Know Now will take a detailed look at how food tourism will develop in the medium term. Destinations looking to grow their existing footprint or enter the market need to think ahead and ensure standards are set.

The session will also look at controversial issues such as the connection between food tourism and overtourism, and growing concern over food waste and plastic.

Speakers at the session are: Roberta Garibaldi, Professor, Marketing and Tourism Management University of Bergamo, Italy; Patrick Torrent, Executive Director, Catalan Tourist Board; Maria Athanasopoulou, Owner, Respond On Demand marketing agency; and Udi Goldschmidt CEO Jerusalem Culinary Institute.

This session takes place on Tuesday 6 November from 10:30 – 11:45 in Platinum Suite 3.

The specific issue of sustainability in food tourism will be considered in a session with Clare Jenkinson, Senior Destinations and Sustainability Manager ABTA. The one-on-one interview will look at the successes of ABTA’s initiatives across many aspects of sustainability and how the lessons learnt can help the food tourism industry.

This session takes place on Wednesday 7 November from 14:00 – 14:30 in the UKI & International Inspiration Zone (TA190).

Many destinations have a local cuisine, but the kingdom of Jordan has incorporated food into its culture through the practice of karam – welcoming guests and even strangers with food and drinks. Dr Abed Al Razzaq Arabiyat, Managing Director Jordan Tourism Board will talk about how this creates a positive impact on visitors and how other destinations can use this approach to inspire their own food tourism culture.

This session takes place on Wednesday 7 Nov 2018 from 15:30 – 16:00 in the Middle East & Africa Inspiration Zone (AF190).

WTM London, Conference and Seminar Manager Charlotte Alderslade, said: “Part of the mission at WTM London is to help the global travel industry keep on top of the trends. Food tourism is an emerging standalone sector but it also resonated with other parts of the business. It is part of the living like a local trend, part of the tours and activities growth, has its place at the luxury and budget end of the market and is a truly global phenomenon.”

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  1. Aline Dobbie says:

    Food plays a huge part in travelling; naturally we all like and need to eat but food adventure and delight is fundamental to having a good memorable time. I write on travel and know how much my experience is enhanced with good cuisines, fine restaurants and bistros and eateries and of course markets from which to buy to make one’s own meals. I think India, Thailand, Greece, Italy, France, Morocco, Turkey – well it is endless. WTM gives people a real taste to try more and I shall be there again this year for two days. I write for We Blog the World and India GB as well as my own website and my books. I have a new book on India being published in March next year.

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