Party, Party, Party! WTM London’s Festival Programme Returns

Party, Party, Party! WTM London’s Festival Programme Returns

For the third year, exhibitors will showcase their destinations through music, dancing and cuisine in the WTM Festivals


World Travel Market London 2016, the leading global event for the travel industry, is delighted to announce the diversity of exhibitors that will be partying in style during WTM London’s Festival programme on Wednesday November 9, from 5pm to 7pm.

WTM London’s Festival programme will have at least 13 countries hosting festivals, giving all participants the opportunity to socialise after traditional working hours in a fun and vibrant atmosphere.

Those attending will experience the diversity of cultures, hospitalities, and cuisines with each hosting exhibitor offering something unique. India is among the exhibitors that will be hosting WTM London’s festivals.

India (Stand IN300 & IN350), Assam India (Stand IN270) and Goa (Stand IN175):  With 2016 being declared India’s year at WTM London, the ‘Vibrant India’ themed festival will be showcasing the country’s cultural flair, with music, dancing, and traditional cuisine on its pavilion where every corner of India will be represented. The states Assam and Goa will be presenting their traditional music and dance. At Goa’s stand, tasty Indian food and drinks will be served as the networking commences, accompanied with live folk music and a special dance performance.

China (Stand AS650), Japan (Stand AS640), Philippines (Stand AS500) and Vietnam (Stand AS260): In the Asian region, four countries are taking part in WTM London’s Festival programme. Japan National Tourism will be hosting the Japanese Calligraphy and paper magic, while in the Vietnam stand, music is likely to attract plenty of attention as the destination showcases its dancing traditions.

Philippines is hosting the Philippine Street Party, food, and cocktail bar with singing and percussion instruments. China is promising to come up with an exciting stand presentation.

Bolivia (Stand LA450), Argentina (Stand LA420), Mexico (Stand LA120) and Caribbean (Stand CA235): Bolivia’s festival will be focusing on culture and Folkloric Dancing, while Argentina will host an evening of Tango dancing and wine tasting. In the Mexico stand, the Hotel Xcaret Mexico will present its live performance of the personification of an ancient Mesoamerican God. Relax and unwind with some Caribbean Agent Training Sessions, music, and some scrumptious Caribbean food in the Caribbean stand.

Bulgaria (Stand EU900): Bulgaria will capture a glimpse of their country with live dancers; Bulgarian wine tasting, and scrumptious cold snacks.

Ertebat Gostar Sobat (Stand TT518): Located in the technology area, EGS are running an exciting competition to give participants the chance to win a trip to Persia. Visitors will have to answer challenging questions during the activity.

World Travel Market London, Senior Director, Simon Press said: “The WTM London festivals were introduced in 2014 to celebrate the 35th edition of WTM London, but they were so successful they have continued. This year the festivals are even bigger and better than before with plenty of opportunity for informal networking and fun for all attendees.”

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