WTM Latin America 2019 creates new vacancies on its Hosted Buyers Programme for Latin America

WTM Latin America 2019 creates new vacancies on its Hosted Buyers Programme for Latin America

The programme has made 30 new spots available for operators and agents from Latin America to take part in the event, which is happening in April in Sao Paulo

WTM Latin America 2019, which takes place 2 – 4 April at Expo Center Norte in São Paulo, announces new vacancies available on its Hosted Buyers Programme. The programme will select 30 interested people from Latin American operators and/or travel agencies, who will receive accommodation, transfer and food benefits over the three days of the event, all funded by WTM Latin America.

Those professionals who register will be screened for an analysis of criteria such as: how representative the company is in its country of origin; its interest in Latin American products and those from other continents; the company’s size and its investments; and its current market potential.

In addition to accommodation, food at the event and being personally welcomed on arrival, the benefits for these 30 vacancies include access to the meeting scheduling system with exhibitors that are suitable for the interest profile, participation in the Speed Networking sessions and access to an exclusive lounge at the event. These 30 vacancies are considered to semi-hosted because they do not include the event’s organizers covering airline tickets.

The initiative is coordinated by the WTM Latin America team, which will be responsible for selecting and recruiting those professionals who meet the requirements, while actually running the programme during the event will be the responsibility of the Interamerican Network. Those interested should complete the evaluation form that is available at this link. 

According to Thais Del Ben, marketing manager for WTM Latin America, the opportunity reinforces the event’s commitment to generating business and to networking. “With these 30 vacancies we’ll reach 90 Hosted Buyers, not counting the other 60 who we normally bring to the event. This will be the largest number of professionals present at our event in the last four years”, says Thais, adding: “as a result we’ll be significantly increasing WTM Latin America’s business generation and customer satisfaction. With our new meeting scheduling system, all these opportunities will also be boosted further.”

Companies interested in exhibiting at WTM Latin America should complete the form in this link.  Those who are interested in visiting WTM Latin America should register on the event’s own website. 

Open to: professionals from the travel industry; the press (badges restricted to editors, journalists, photographers, broadcasters and bloggers/influencers); government authorities and buyers (only buyers who fit the programme’s criteria can receive a WTM Buyers’ Club badge).

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