WTM Latin America launches a new tool to boost business

WTM Latin America launches a new tool to boost business

The Exhibitor Dashboard offers exhibitors the chance to analyse their participation based on data that measures their performance, offers insights to improve their performance and information to guide future actions

Much more than a stand. This is the assumption that justifies the high adhesion of exhibitors at WTM Latin America which, year after year, increases the portfolio of tools provided with the aim of helping exhibitors and buyers to close deals. In order to continue living up to its title of Latin America’s most important B2B travel industry event, this year’s event presents a major new feature for the 2023 edition, which will be held between April 3 and 5, at the Expo Center Norte Exhibition Centre, in the city of São Paulo: a comprehensive panel with valuable information the use of which is not limited to the three days of the event.

“In addition to the Exhibitor Portal with profile information, products and promotional materials, the online directory, and Emperia, an application to capture leads, this year WTM Latin America innovates with the launch of the Exhibitor Dashboard. The dashboard highlights metrics related to the captured leads, displays the interactions of online visitors and analyses the company’s performance in the event in a simple and intuitive way,” summarises Bianca Pizzolito, commercial manager of WTM Latin America.

The tools are integrated and allow the market to know what the exhibitors are offering long before the event gets underway. “When the exhibitor profile is filled out with a description of the company, information about products, services, contacts, videos, photos, press releases and social media channels, along with other data, this company becomes part of the online directory, which is like a showcase inside the WTM Latin America website, and that is accessible to all visitors who are seeking information to plan the days of their visits and to optimise business both inside and outside the event,” explains Bianca.

While the directory gives the details of what the exhibitors are offering the visitors, the new Exhibitor Dashboard does the contrary: it shows data referring to visitors who interacted with the exhibitor or have the potential to do business with him. This is because the system registers all the surveys carried out before the event and the interactions that occurred during the event, which makes it possible to analyse the performance in the correct way and increase the return on investment (ROI). It should be borne in mind that this data is limited to behavioural, corporate, and engagement information between the two parties.

“For business survival it is becoming increasingly urgent that decisions, particularly those that require financial investment, are based on data. And this is exactly what the Exhibitor Dashboard offers: metrics that help guide managers in making their decisions,” stresses Bianca.

This analysis is also possible due the Exhibitor Dashboard’s integration with Emperia, a lead capture app. This is another tool for use by exhibitors who, by means of the QR Code printed on the participants’ badges, can scan the visitors’ data while they are visiting the stand and access them even after the end of the event, making sure that everything is automatically synchronised with the dashboard. “He can see how many leads he captured each day, what geographical region these professionals work in and what segments they work in, as well as besides visualising the number of times that the company showed up in search results in the directory, together with a lot of other information,” notes Bianca.

There is also a PRO version of Exhibitor Dashboard available that compares the company’s results with those presented by the leading company and the overall average of the other exhibitors on different issues – from the filling out of the profile to the number of leads captured. “In addition to this analytical profile, the dashboard also has a planning nature, since this comparison shows the points on which the exhibitor can take action to improve its performance vis-à-vis the other players,” advises Bianca.

As for Emperia, one interesting feature is that the exhibitor can include customised questions that will be forwarded to all the leads. If the exhibitor is interested in increasing sales of sun and beach destinations, for example, all he needs to do is to ask the visitor a question related to this matter when scanning the badge. “He asks whether the company for which the person works already sells these products and inserts this information at the moment of capture so that the answer is recorded in the profile. Therefore, he will be able to filter the leads on the panel according to one or more specific interests,” she adds.

It is worth remembering that Emperia works offline and that there is no limit to its use inside the stand. All staff can download the application onto their smartphones in order to increase the number of captured leads that will be stored in the dashboard for analysis. In the same way, at the end of the event, visitors will receive an e-mail with information of the companies that captured their data during the event. In this year’s edition, the 276 exhibitors that used the apps features (49% of all the companies taking part) collected 19,419 leads during the event.

Exhibitor Dashboard and Emperia have already been successfully used by a number of other RX events over the course of the year, and are included in the exhibitor’s package for WTM Latin America 2023. “WTM Latin America is investing more and more in tools to optimise the time, expand business possibilities and bring more intelligence to the event by offering data that supports decisions and justifies the investment,” concludes Bianca.

About the tools

Exhibitor’s PortalAn exclusive space for the exhibitor to fill out the company’s profile that gathers all the information that is going to appear in the online directory; sharers’ registry; badge requests; access to Emperia and Exhibitor Dashboard.    
Online directoryThe catalogue that is available on the WTM Latin America website with a collection of the information entered by the exhibitors. It can be accessed by any of the event’s visitors.  
EmperiaAn app that can be downloaded onto the exhibitors’ smartphones, which is exclusively for capturing leads by scanning badges and which can be used without the internet.    
Exhibitor Dashboard (new feature)A tool that offers a data-based approach – including metrics regarding leads, online visitor interaction and downloadable reports – which is designed to measure the exhibitor’s performance and provide insights to improve performance.  

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