WTM Latin America: last call for the Responsible Tourism Award

WTM Latin America: last call for the Responsible Tourism Award

Companies may submit their cases up until January 31, 2023

Learning, sharing good practices, recognition and reputation. These are the main benefits and gains for companies that apply for the Responsible Tourism Award, which is part of WTM’s Global Responsible Tourism Awards and will be commemorating its third edition in Latin America. Year after year, new businesses and destinations that focus their actions on sustainability become known to the public through the initiatives presented during the event.

The award recognises the most inspiring and replicable initiatives in the area of sustainable and responsible tourism, with the main aim being to inspire the market and bring about positive changes throughout the entire travel industry. In addition to the public recognition for their actions on behalf of the planet, the finalists will receive feedback from experts and are likely to obtain a greater return on their investment, given that the seal of approval lifts business to higher levels.

Registration is free and open until January 31, 2023 for companies of all sizes, including small businesses and individual entrepreneurs. The six categories defined for this year include addressing and proposing solutions to challenges that are essential in order for tourism to move forwards in a responsible way – such as combatting climate change, managing plastic waste, conserving nature, and promoting diversity and inclusion – and also focus on the benefits that tourism produces for communities – highlighting the best local procurement models and meaningful connections between the tourist, the host and the place visited.

The entries for the Award will be judged by renowned professionals in various fields and responsible tourism enthusiasts who will select the cases that receive the “Gold”, “Silver” and “One to Watch” seals. The jury is made up of travel agents, operators, association leaders, government representatives, journalists, and opinion makers from different Latin American countries who take into account aspects such as originality, the potential for replicability, and the possibility of measuring the impacts achieved with the proposed solution.

WTM Latin America’s Marketing and Communication manager, Thais Del Ben, stresses the importance of the aspects of comprehensiveness, in relation to the size of those who have applied, and of measurement, in relation to the evaluation process. “The focus is not exclusively on large businesses or structured groups. A creative solution that has been developed and adopted by a small company can have just as great an impact or proportionally an even greater one, and there is space in our awards for such solutions”, she says.

The finalists will be announced in the first week of March and the awards will be presented on April 4, during the second day of WTM Latin America, on the stage of the Explore Transformation theatre. The theatre will also be the setting for debates, conferences and cases centred on topics such as diversity, inclusion, sustainability and ESG, focusing on data and experiences in order to prompt travel agents, tour operators and the entire chain to rethink their processes and combine efforts to combat the challenges that affect the environment and tourism activity globally.

The six categories that make up the third edition are: 1) Best for Tackling Plastic Waste; 2) Best for Meaningful Connections; 3) Best for Local Sourcing, Craft and Food; 4) Addressing Climate Change; 5) Best for Diversity and Inclusion and 6) Best for Nature Positive Tourism.

The requirements for each theme can be found using this link. The Responsible Tourism Award is coordinated by Gustavo Pinto, who is a member of WTM Latin America’s Advisory board.


Responsible Tourism Award

Deadline for entries: January 31, 2023

Announcement of the finalists: first week of March 2023 Presentation of trophies and plaques: April 4, 2023, during WTM Latin America 2023

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