WTM Latin America publishes the results of the 7th Edition of the Satisfaction Survey

WTM Latin America publishes the results of the 7th Edition of the Satisfaction Survey

Overall indices in terms of satisfaction and return to the event are up

WTM Latin America, the leading B2B event for the Latin American travel industry, presents the indices in terms of satisfaction and likelihood of return to the event of this year’s exhibitors, buyers and visitors. The figures confirm the exhibition’s positive performance along with the public’s interest in returning to the event for the 2020 edition.

One of the results presented by the survey was the satisfaction of exhibitors and visitors, which reached 78% and 79%, respectively, as very or extremely satisfied with the event.

Another relevant figure was the comparison that was made between the exhibitors’ main objectives and the level of satisfaction achieved in relation to these items. According to the respondents, sales lead generation (85%) appears as a priority reason for taking part in the event, followed by brand/product/company promotion (77%) and networking with buyers and visitors (72%). The question allows the respondents to indicate more than one option as an answer.

By observing the satisfaction rate in relation to the achievement of goals, sales lead generation appears with an 80% approval rating among the respondents, a figure of 67% in connection with brand/product/company promotion and one of 63% in terms of networking issues with buyers and visitors.

When questioned regarding the likelihood of returning to the event, the answers also showed positive indicators. Similar to the results presented in 2018, the figure regarding the exhibitors’ intention of returning for the 2020 edition is one of more than 70%. In the case of visitors and hosted buyers, the figures were 87% and 86%, respectively.

To wrap up the positive outlook, WTM Latin America also asked the respondents in relation to their expectations in terms of generating business. 60% of the respondents believe that new business should take place within 6-12 months; 25% between 1 and 3 months; 10% in a period of more than twelve months and 4% revealed that they had signed deals less than a month after the event. In addition to this, 32% of the exhibitors stated that they expect to generate business of between R$ 10,000 and R$ 100,000 while 15% said that they expect to generate business of between R$ 100,000 and $ 1 million.

“The results presented by the satisfaction survey reinforce the perception that we got during the event in relation to the high performance achieved by WTM Latin America. We are very pleased with the indicators presented and are working non-stop to produce an event with even greater quality in 2020, and one that exhibits even more positive indices”, states Luciane Leite, WTM Latin America’s director.

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