WTM Latin America announces theme for 2024 edition: The future is open. Be the change.

WTM Latin America announces theme for 2024 edition: The future is open. Be the change.

Protagonism in a future marked by rapid changes will be at the center of the theme of the largest B2B event in the travel and tourism industry.

“We live in an era of rapid changes, highly influenced by new technologies and in the process of learning about the impacts that will result from this investment in innovation. On the other hand, the market remains attentive to the demands of travelers who are increasingly aware of their choices and who find social networks one of the main sources of inspiration when deciding on their next trips”. This statement was made by Thaís Del Ben, Marketing and Communications Manager at WTM Latin America, when explaining the theme of the 2024 edition.

The executive reinforces that assuming the leading role towards this future that is still under construction is the call that WTM Latin America makes to travel professionals, through the motto “The future is open. Be the change”. The theme will guide the programming of the largest B2B event in the travel and tourism industry, which takes place between April 15 and 17, at Expo Center Norte, in São Paulo, reinforcing the role that each professional and companies from different segments have in collective creation of an innovative and sustainable future for the entire industry.

“Technology democratizes access to information, brings agility and ease in contracting, but to make the most of it and build a good reputation among travelers, it is necessary to pay attention to the formatting of products, the multiplatform communication strategy and the targeting of sales. After all, the desire for a trip can be originated by digital connections, but it is the experiences that will consolidate the experience and give it the status it deserves.” explains Thais.

The rapid speed with which the world is changing and, consequently, forcing constant adaptation brings consequences that are still unknown. But there is an important and highly relevant factor taking on a greater role in this scenario: a traveler who is more aware of the impact on tourist activities.

“The traveler’s world expands when he follows a well-constructed itinerary. In addition to exploring new landscapes and adding knowledge regarding new cultures and ways of life, he realizes that he is capable of creating a cycle of positive changes for the places visited, which brings a greater purpose to the trip and a desire that place prosper”, defends the executive, noting that the entire chain can benefit from this movement. In this sense, destinations, products and suppliers from different segments need to prepare for this future that is disruptive, but has great potential to maximize business.

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