WTM World Responsible Tourism Awards 2019 launches

WTM World Responsible Tourism Awards 2019 launches

Innovators and pioneers working in tourism are encouraged to enter this year’s WTM World Responsible Tourism Awards.

Today (Tuesday 19 March) the six categories, chosen to highlight those companies, organisations and destinations leading the way in addressing some of the biggest challenges facing the travel industry and society, can be announced.

“The ambition of the WTM World Responsible Tourism Awards is to find and recognise examples of tourism businesses and organisations which are taking responsibility by reducing negative impacts and increasing the positive ones,” said Professor Harold Goodwin, responsible tourism advisor to WTM London, and chair of the judges.

“Recognition is important for those who are making a difference, and through the awards we seek to inform, educate, inspire and challenge others to step up and take responsibility; do more to make tourism better for communities and their natural and cultural environment; make better places for people to live in and to visit.”

A panel of expert judges will select a longlist of finalists from across the six categories. The overall winners are to be announced at WTM London, on Wednesday 6th November, 2019 as part of WTM World Responsible Tourism Day – the largest day of responsible tourism day in the world.


This year’s categories are:

Wildlife and Nature Conservation

The judges are looking for examples of tourism enterprises which have made the most tangible difference to the conservation of nature in the areas where they operate.

Carbon & Greenhouse Gases

The judges are looking for examples from any sector of tourism where demonstrable and replicable reductions in emissions have been achieved.

Benefiting Local People
The judges are looking for examples of businesses providing community benefits, in particular to disadvantaged groups, or mentoring and supporting the development of local suppliers.

Transparent Reporting

The judges are looking for best practice where businesses publicly report the extent to which they reduce negative impacts or increase positive impacts whether at the accommodation or tour level.


The judges are looking for examples of good practice where either plastics are replaced by sustainable alternatives or where ways of reusing, recycling or treating plastic waste are demonstrably reducing plastic pollution.

Coping with Success

This year this award is focussing on solutions by tourism attractions. Judges are looking for examples of attractions where management interventions have reduced the negative impacts on the site and neighbouring communities and improved the visitor experience.


Each category has a separate application questionnaire, all of which can be download from https://responsibletourism.wtm.com/awards/. The closing date for applications is July 29th. The judges will be announced soon.

WTM London, Senior Director, Simon Press, added: “I am delighted to be launching the WTM World Responsible Tourism Awards 2019. I always enjoy judging the awards as it highlights the best responsible tourism practice in the industry.

“The awards are a firm fixture of WTM World Responsible Tourism Day – the largest Day of responsible tourism action in the world – and I look forward to celebrating the success of the winners and finalists on Wednesday 6 November.”

Entries are open on Tuesday 2 April 2019. For further information about WTM World Responsible Tourism Awards 2019 visit https://responsibletourism.wtm.com/awards/

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