Where Nature is the Ultimate Luxury

Where Nature is the Ultimate Luxury

The concept of Vila Planinka is that of a boutique home-away-from-home. The hotel has been created using natural materials from the surrounding area and there are just 23 rooms, each of which offers a relaxed atmosphere, Alpine chic design and beautiful views of the surrounding landscape. Rooms feature no electric devices or wiring elements that would block the soothing energy emitted by the natural energy sources. In place of traditional air conditioning there is the Skuta glacier, the southernmost glacier in Europe, which provides pleasantly fresh mountain air to ease you off to sleep.

Get in touch with nature

The new Vila Planinka is hidden away in Jezersko, a picturesque Alpine valley at the heart of Europe, where nature is the ultimate luxury. Surrounded by four natural energy points, Vila Planinka is the perfect place to relax. Take part in stimulating active leisure activities, develop a deep connection with your natural surroundings and rejuvenate both body and mind.

Unplug to recharge

This is a hotel whose philosophy is based on being surrounded by unspoilt nature, of local and organic food, relaxation, clear air and healthy detoxes and fasting programmes. Recharge yourself at the healing energy spots in Vila Planinka’s garden, sample a forest wellness programme as recommended by the world’s most influential medical therapists, and return home from Jezersko fully rejuvenated.

Natural Energy

Here at Vila Planinka, time goes by at a very different pace. Surrounded by life’s simple pleasures you will realise the joys of a more natural existence. Here every guest becomes aware of the air in their lungs and has the opportunity to pamper the body. Drink fresh water from natural sources. Vila Planinka offers guests Jezersko mineral water, sourced from a stream just a few steps from the hotel. The mountains that surround the hotel have a soothing and therapeutic effect. This, along with more than a thousand edible plants found in the surrounding area, help guests rediscover the parts of ourselves long since lost to hectic urban lifestyles.

Our amabassadors quote: »London is such a metropolitan place. It’s nice to get away from the city, noise and a city business. All the industrial lifestyle … I’m going to somewhere more natural, more beautiful, more scenic,” added Janette, while laughingly admitting that she mainly fell in love with Aljaž because of Slovenia’s natural beauty.«

Please, check out our website: https://www.vilaplaninka.com/en/

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