Keynote Catch-up: British Airways – A year of mixed fortunes

Keynote Catch-up: British Airways – A year of mixed fortunes

Missed the British Airways – A year of mixed fortunes session? Not to worry, here’s an overview of all the key points from keynote speaker and Chairman & CEO of British Airways, Alex Cruz.


What was covered?

  • How British Airways is becoming more agile and efficient to get ready for competition
  • British Airways’ investment in products and services

Why is this a hot topic?

  • British Airways have made a 4.5 billion pounds investment to deliver new products and services
  • This investment is a five-year plan that affects all cabins and all passengers

What were the key points?

  • British Airways is continuing to increase its network from London to all destinations around the world
  • British Airways will continue to Invest in the customer experience, providing passengers with a premium airline that has choice

How do you see this topic developing over the next 12 to 18 months?

  • British Airways will continue to invest in their punctuality and baggage performance, one of the major criteria for British Airways continued fantastic performance

You can watch the full session below:


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