Keynote catch-up: maximising revenue in the luxury travel space with minimal investment

Keynote catch-up: maximising revenue in the luxury travel space with minimal investment

Missed the Maximising Revenue in the Luxury Travel Space with Minimal Investment session? Not to worry, here’s an overview of all the key points from panel member and founder of Inspired Citizen, Anthony Berklich.

What was covered?

How to maximise your revenue in the luxury space without spending too much money, with suggestions for destinations and hotels on how to rethink and up-sell their current travel products to the new upcoming generation of traveller.

Why is this a hot topic?

  • Travel brands become stale without reimagining themselves
  • It’s not always true that you have to invest a lot of money to make a big impact
  • Using creativity, along with the right people and partners, you can create experiences that are interesting and unique, and that consumers are willing to pay for

What were the key points?

  • If you have an offseason in your destination, think about what else you have to offer in that time
  • Think about offering services or partnering with others to create an event or experience that becomes a point of sale

How do you see this topic developing over the next 12 to 18 months?

  • Luxury travel will become more niche
  • Luxury is now about creating experiences that are memorable for people
  • Every travel service will further their selling opportunities by creating niche luxury product offerings within them

You can watch the full session below:

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