Do you know how to speak Instagram?

Do you know how to speak Instagram?

By Otto De Vries, CEO ASATA

Did you know that the determining factor for millennials when picking a holiday destination is how ‘instagrammable’ the location is?

Four out of 10 millennials said they choose a travel spot based on its ‘instagrammability’, according to a study conducted by UK-based Shofields Insurance.

People have always wanted to travel to picturesque places, but there are certain views, resorts and infinity pools that simply seem more likely to rack up the likes on the travellers’ favourite social platform.

The best thing is: millennials are very likely to turn to their ASATA-accredited travel professional for advice on the most attractive ‘Instagram’ destinations. In fact, studies have shown millennials are twice as likely as any other generation to contact a travel consultant as the first step in their research process.

Not sure how to grab their attention in that first step of their research? Again social media is the answer, according to research presented by the Signature Travel Network and The Center for Generational Kinetics in the US.

Millennials are very open to following travel consultants on social media, especially if they are exposed to different travel destinations. In fact, 58% of Millennials would be convinced to follow a travel consultant on social media by great photos of places to visit, while 56% would be convinced by links featuring cool places to visit. Fifty-seven percent would be convinced to follow because of special social media deals.

So, brush up on your Twitter accounts, join Snapchat, heart and like away on Facebook, and learn how to speak Instagram.

If you’re still looking for some other ways to attract the powerful generation Y, here’s some advice:

Don’t be too ‘touristy’

Twenty-six percent of Millennials fear that travel agents will offer a too touristy trip. Millennials truly want to see and encounter local life. This is much more important to them than to those of older generations, but they aren’t sure that this can happen if they use a travel consultant.

This makes messaging about the experience of travel consultants and their ability to help travellers break out of the classic tourist mode particularly important.

One size does not fit all

Travellers of every age value a travel experience that is unique and custom to them. This is a very important part of messaging because what travellers want least is a package that feels canned or built for someone else. Emphasis on the customisation possibilities within packages is a way for ASATA members to incorporate uniqueness without offering too many choices.

Make sure they notice you

Research shows that the number-one way to catch the attention of Millennials who are thinking about leisure travel is through social media ads. In fact, 38% of Millennials say that these ads featuring fun places to visit or special pricing will absolutely catch their attention.

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